Instagram was down worldwide for over 12 hours leading to funniest memefest on Twitter


Instagram down memes
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Instagram down: Were you also among those who kept refreshing their Instagram feed, but failed to send texts! Were you blaming your Internet and kept deleting and re-installing the photo-sharing app? Well, you’re not alone and your service operator is not at fault too. In fact, it is Instagram. If media reports are to be believed, the app was down worldwide for several users for over 12 hours since Tuesday night. And they found out? The same place where everyone goes tp when things are falling apart — Twitter. ‘#InstagramDown’ became one of the trending topics on social media with people taking to Twitter to report the problems they were facing with the apps, including posting memes and GIFs.

Funniest meme fest took over the microblogging site soon after users faced problems while using Instagram. A user posted a photo of Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty and Paresh Rawal from the Hera Pheri and wrote, “#instagramdown #instadown *People rushing to Twitter, to confirm whether Instagram is really down or not.” another shared a photo from the popular show Simpson writing, “#Instagramdown People coming to twitter in order to see what happen to Instagram.”

A third one posted a photo of a man atop an electricity pole seemingly working on it to fix the problem. “footage me fixing instagram cause nobody else is.  #instagramdown,” the caption of the photo read.

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Check out the best ones here:

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger went down for millions of users, including in India, on Tuesday evening, as they were unable to send or receive messages on social media platforms.

Currently, there is no comment from the social media giant about what may be causing the problem or when these sites will be operational again.

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