Top 10 Money making Strategies in India

  • May 18, 2023

Top 10 Money-making Strategies in India It’s important to note that the success of these strategies can vary depending on individual circumstances, market conditions, and other factors. Here are ten potential money-making strategies in India: Start a Business: Identify a market gap or demand and start your own business. This could be in sectors such […]


Electric vehicle industry in India

  • April 15, 2023

The electric vehicle (EV) industry in India is rapidly growing, driven by several factors such as government policies, rising fuel prices, and increasing consumer awareness about environmental issues. Here are some key developments and challenges in the EV industry in India: Government initiatives: The Indian government has launched several initiatives to promote EVs in the […]

Startup India

Shark Tank India Season 2

  • February 18, 2023

Shark Tank India is a reality television show based on the popular American show, Shark Tank. The show features entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to a panel of investors, or “sharks”, in the hopes of securing an investment. The show is broadcast on Star India’s Hotstar streaming service. Shark Tank India features a panel of […]