Digital Business Card – NFC Enabled


All in One Solution #DigitalBusinessCard @999/- only

1) TAP OR SCAN – Read Steps
(Tap & Show Multiple Calls to Action like Call, Whatsapp, Download, Save Contact, etc)

2) SMART Business QR Code
(Can be Edit even after Print)

3) Website Inside your DIGICARD
(Sub Domain, About, Product, Video, Contact, Testimonials, Inquiry, Social Media, Share)

199/- yearly Renewal for Server / Hosting Charge(Data Storage)


Save Money and Trees

At BusinessTantra, we are passionate about sustainability and transforming business networking. Our Digital business cards are a game-changer, benefiting professionals and the environment through advanced technology.

Our innovative solution, Digital business cards, revolutionize networking by reducing environmental impact. By eliminating traditional paper cards, we decrease the demand for paper production and its associated consequences. This conservation effort preserves forests, saves energy, and minimizes water usage.

Not only do Digital business cards contribute to sustainability, but they also offer unparalleled convenience. With a simple tap or scan, professionals can exchange contact information, update details, and maintain a digital record of interactions. This streamlined approach saves time, reduces administrative tasks, and enhances productivity.

While our current Digital business cards utilize innovative PVC technology, we are committed to continuously exploring sustainable alternatives. We aim to transition to biodegradable or recyclable materials, ensuring our digital networking solutions align with the highest environmental standards.

Join us in embracing a greener and more efficient future. Adopt our Digital business cards and make a significant difference in reducing environmental impact while embracing the power of technology for seamless business networking. Together, we can shape a more sustainable business landscape.

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Provide design input and upload your logo through Google form

Review the digital design proof and provide feedback.

step 4
After approval, we will program, produce and ship your card.