Twitter User Asks Anand Mahindra "Are You An NRI?" His Response Wins Internet


Twitter User Asks Anand Mahindra 'Are You An NRI?' His Response Wins Internet

Mr Mahindra also regularly interacts with his followers on various topics.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra is famous for his quirky tweets, where he shares viral videos and offers life-changing advice. Mr Mahindra also regularly interacts with his followers on various topics. His latest post has attracted the attention of social media users because of Mr Mahindra’s amusing reply to a Twitter user.

The response came on a post Mr Mahindra shared, which included pictures from July 4 celebrations in the United States. “Manhattan 4th of July Skyline,” read the caption of the post. He also posted a video, creating a thread which showed celebrations around Manhattan.

The post revealed that Mr Mahindra was in the US on July 4, which is celebrated as Independence Day of the United States.

In response to one of his tweets, a user asked the industrialist, “Are you an NRI?” Many users asked Mr Mahindra to not pay attention to such questions, he gave an epic reply to the user which became a hit on the internet.

“Just visiting family in New York. So am an HRI. Heart (always) resident in India,” said Mr Mahindra.

Twitter users were blown away by Mahindra Group chairman’s reply. “That’s a nice one …I am an HRI, will steal this shamelessly,” wrote a user.

“Well said Sir … after all home is always where the heart is,” said another.

In a recent response to Industrialist Harsh Goenka’s post in which a pencil and eraser narrative was compared to parents cleaning up their children’s mistakes, Mr Mahindra wrote, “A very poignant message that naturally resonates with us elderly parents. But it also occurred to me, Harsh, that often, many children in the world have to spend much of their lives erasing the mistakes & missteps of their parents.”

Over 2,000 users commented on Mr Mahindra’s response. According to one user, the clip was applicable to everything, not simply the connection between parents and children. “Even Mother Earth is slowly eroded because of our mistakes,” the user wrote.

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