This is how Berger Paints became one of India's leading consumer goods company


With innovation at its forefront and scaling the business to leave a lasting impression on the world, Berger Paints has been making strides for the last couple of decades. From humble beginnings in the pre-independence era to be one of the market leaders today, Berger Paints’ growth is no overnight success story. The brand has been slowly yet steadily building itself to be a strong force in the market. And it’s in the last 25 years, that Berger Paints outgrew everyone’s expectations to be India’s 2nd largest paints company. While there are many key factors that can be attributed to this success, such as, an innovative product lineup, finding the right balance between keeping customers and investors happy and scaling at breakneck speeds, anchoring this change, is the MD & CEO of Berger, Abhijit Roy.

Abhijit Roy recently completed 25 years at Berger Paints, handling various senior management positions during his stint at the company. For the last decade, Abhijit Roy has been the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of the brand. During his time at the company. From an impressive growth in EBIDTA to an astounding 2500x growth in market capitalization to 27+ manufacturing units across the country, Berger Paints is on a path to being the most admired Indian Paint & Coating Solutions company. The architect of this growth, Mr Roy, believes that Berger Paints can outperform its peers by developing & delivering innovative solutions for customers.


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On completing 25 years at Berger Paints, Abhijit Roy shared, “It is gratifying to be celebrating my 25th work anniversary here at Berger. While I may have been the conductor of this orchestra, I believe we have come this far thanks to the passionate Berger employees, investors, customers, stakeholders and partners who remain loyal to us. This is just the beginning; many more milestones to be achieved.”

Abhijit Roy’s journey at Berger Paints
Back in 1996, Abhijit Roy joined
Berger Paints as a Product Manager. With one successful year after another, Roy was promoted to General Manager, Marketing in 2004 and then Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing in 2008. In 2011, he was promoted to the COO & Director of the company. Having the temperament to go beyond & take Berger Paints to the next level, Roy was promoted to MD & CEO in 2012.

Berger Paints’ breakthrough innovations that continue to shine
With a mission to maximise shareholder value and develop groundbreaking new products, Berger Paints has made the right moves at the right time. As a result, Berger Paints now has a great lineup of products that has kept the customers satisfied.

Berger Easy Clean:
This product lineup from Berger was the industry’s first washable paint giving a much-needed sigh of relief for new young parents who want to keep their house stain-free. This way, children can enjoy their childhood and parents can maintain a spick and span interiors.

Berger Weathercoat Anti Dust:
Another terrific product the brand introduced was Berger Weathercoat Anti Dust paints meant for the outdoors. This unique paint has one-of-a-kind dust repellent properties.

Berger Express Painting:
Innovation at Berger doesn’t stop at providing new products; they take it a step further. With Berger Express Painting, the aim is to make the lives of the young much easier. This one-stop portal can take care of all your painting needs – indoors, outdoors, waterproofing, wall textures, etc.

Scientific Waterproofing Solutions & Homeshield Moisture Meter:
Berger Paints provides end-to-end waterproofing solutions, that address every surface and project type, be it new construction or the repairs and renovation of an existing property. Waterproofing experts from Berger Paints inspect and assess the site using tools like Homeshield Moisture Meter to detect dampness on all surfaces. Basis this, scientific wall waterproofing and roof waterproofing solutions are done and suitable waterproofing products are used.

With so many innovative products launched under Abhijit Roy’s supervision, Berger Paints is sure on the path to becoming a segment leader. Berger Paints revolutionary product lineup caters to both the commercial and residential sectors, making them the 2nd largest paint company in India, 4th Largest paint company in Asia, and 7th Largest decorative paint company in the world, in terms of market capitalization.

When it comes to leaving a mark on the world, Berger Paints is achieving great things. The brand’s products have been used to paint some of the iconic engineering projects like the Chenab Rail Bridge and three football stadiums in Russia, which hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

With a game-changing attitude, Berger Paints, under the leadership of Abhijit Roy, is set to be a pioneer in the sector with a versatile portfolio of paints, related products and tailor-made customer services in every paint segment. To know more about Berger Paints,
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Disclaimer: The article has been produced on behalf of Berger Paints by the Times Internet’s Spotlight team.


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