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India and Dubai have a long-standing friendship and strong economic ties

India and Dubai have a long-standing friendship and strong economic ties that have grown stronger over the years. The relationship between the two countries is based on shared values, cultural ties, and a mutual desire to promote trade and investment.

Here are some key aspects of the friendship between India and Dubai:

  1. Economic ties: India and Dubai have strong economic ties, with India being one of Dubai’s top trading partners. The two countries have a bilateral trade relationship that is worth billions of dollars, with a significant portion of India’s exports going to Dubai. Dubai is also a major destination for Indian investment, with Indian companies investing in various sectors in Dubai, including real estate, tourism, and finance.
  2. Cultural ties: India and Dubai share cultural ties that date back centuries. There is a large Indian expatriate community in Dubai, and Indian culture has had a significant influence on Dubai’s art, music, and cuisine. Dubai has also become a popular destination for Indian tourists, who visit the city to experience its vibrant culture and shopping destinations.
  3. Diplomatic ties: India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), of which Dubai is a part, have strong diplomatic ties. The two countries have signed several bilateral agreements on trade, investment, and cultural cooperation. The UAE has also been a key partner in India’s efforts to combat terrorism and extremism in the region.
  4. People-to-people ties: People-to-people ties between India and Dubai are strong, with frequent travel and cultural exchanges taking place between the two countries. The Indian expatriate community in Dubai is one of the largest in the city, and there are several Indian schools, cultural centers, and community organizations that serve the needs of this community.

Overall, the friendship between India and Dubai is based on a strong foundation of economic, cultural, and diplomatic ties. The two countries have a shared vision for regional stability and prosperity, and are committed to working together to achieve their common goals.