Twitter Reacts To Coriander Sundae In China


'Crime Against Humanity': Twitter Reacts To Coriander Sundae In China

The ice cream has been launched for a few days, claimed Twitter user.

The internet is a strange place where people can find all sorts of amusing things. Something similar happened recently when a user posted the photo of a new ice cream introduced by global fast-food giant McDonald’s in its menu in China.

A Twitter user Daniel Ahmad posted about the new limited edition coriander or cilantro ice-cream sundae, which is on offer in China, and called it “interesting”.

“Mcdonald’s China launched a Cilantro Sundae special menu item today, which is interesting,” Ahmad’s post said.

It showed a cup of vanilla ice cream topped with green coriander sauce and coriander leaves.

The post soon gained traction and many other news publications picked it up. According to, the ice cream flavor was introduced on February 21 and will be available till February 25.

One of the users who reacted to Ahmad’s post claimed to have bought the ice cream and shared about its taste.

“I bought one,pretty good. But it is more like lime&mint but not Cilantro,” said the user who has the handle @icepervocaloid.

Other users, however, were not happy.

“This is a crime against humanity. We should have boycotted the Olympics,” said Stringer Bull.

“I am denouncing my heritage,” said Clara Sia.

Some users offered other weird recipes from McDonald’s outlets in other countries.

They said that McDonald’s has this habit of trying different flavours. One Twitter user posted a picture of Chili’s Paste Pork Ice Cream which was on sale in Thailand.

Another posted an image of an Oreo and spam burger.


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