Top 10 Scooters May 2022


Honda Activa continued to top sales charts well over the TVS Jupiter by a significant margin

Ola Electric Scooter Sales May 2022
Ola Electric Scooter Sales May 2022

Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter and Suzuki Access were top 3 best selling scooters in the country last month. Every scooter on the best-selling list saw a significant growth in sales but it should be mentioned that assessing YoY sales in relation to the month of May 2021 is not a correct yardstick. That was the month that saw the second wave of pandemic in the country and hence sales were at an all-time low.

Total sales of best-selling 10 scooters stood at 3,51,474 units, a 673.29 percent growth over 45,452 units sold in May 2021 leading to a volume growth of 3,06,022 units. These are wholesales, released by SIAM. Ola S1 Pro electric scooter wholesales are not available. But as per FADA, their retail sales for May 2022 stood at 9,225 units. This places Ola S1 PRO as the No 8 best selling scooter of India.

Top 10 Scooters May 2022

Honda Activa was the top selling scooter in May 2022. Sales stood at 1,49,470 units in the said month, up 778.93 percent over 17,006 units sold in May 2021. This was a 1,32,464 unit volume growth with the Activa commanding a 42.53 percent share.

TVS Jupiter was at No. 2 with 59,613 units sold in May 2022, up 868.84 percent from 6,153 units sold in May 2021. Jupiter held a 16.96 percent share on this list. Suzuki Access sales increased from 9,706 units sold in May 2021 to 35,709 units in the past month, a growth of 267.91 percent with volume increase of 26,003 units.

Top 10 Scooters May 2022
Top 10 Scooters May 2022

TVS Ntorq was at No. 4 on the list of top 10 selling scooters in May 2022 with 26,005 units sold during the month. This was a 499.61 percent growth over 4,337 units sold in May 2021 leading to a 21,668 unit volume growth. TVS Ntorq range, which comprised of the Drum and Disk Brake variants besides Race Edition, Super Squad Edition and Race XP, received a new top end Ntorq 125 XT trim.

Honda Dio, Hero Pleasure, Suzuki Burgman

Next on the list was the Honda Dio scooter with 20,497 units sold in May 2022. This was a YoY growth of 1107.84 percent over 1,697 units sold in the same month of the previous year. The Dio commands a 5.83 percent share.

Hero Pleasure sales were at 18,531 units in the past month, up 739.27 percent over 2,208 units sold in May 2021. It was a 16,323 unit volume growth with the Pleasure commanding a 3.70 percent share. In May 2022, there was also the Burgman at No.7 with 12,990 units sold, up from 2,745 units sold in May 2021.

Top 10 Scooters May-22 May-21 Growth % YoY
1. Honda Activa 1,49,470 17,006 778.93
2. TVS Jupiter 59,613 6,153 868.84
3. Suzuki Access 35,709 9,706 267.91
4. TVS Ntorq 26,005 4,337 499.61
5. Honda Dio 20,497 1,697 1107.84
6. Hero Pleasure 18,531 2,208 739.27
7. Suzuki Burgman 12,990 2,745 373.22
8. Hero Destini 125 10,892 540 1917.04
9. Suzuki Avenis 8,922 0
10. Yamaha RayZR 8,845 1,060 734.43
Total 3,51,474 45,452 673.29
Ola S1 Pro (Retail) 9,225 0

There were 10,982 units of the Destini scooter sold with a 1917.04 percent YoY growth over just 540 units sold in May 2022 while Avenis scooter sales were at 8,922 units in the past month. The Avenis has been recently launched and hence YoY comparison is not done. Trailing the list at No. 10 was the RayZR with 8,845 units sold, up 734.43 percent over 1,060 units sold in May 2021.


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