Tata Play Fiber Offering Rs 1150 Plan for Free to Users


Tata Play Fiber

Tata Play Fiber, earlier known as Tata Sky Broadband, is offering users the Rs 1150 plan at no cost for one month. With this plan, users will get a high-speed internet connection with 200 Mbps download and upload speed. This is the new ‘Try and Buy’ scheme that the company is offering, just like JioFiber. Here, Tata Play Fiber is giving users the option to first test the service quality of the company and then make a commitment by purchasing the connection. While the cost of the 200 Mbps plan under the ‘Try and Buy’ offer is none, users will have to make a one-time refundable security deposit.

Tata Play Fiber Users to Make a Refundable Security Deposit for Getting 200 Mbps Plan for Free

If the Tata Play Fiber users want the 200 Mbps plan for free, they will have to make a completely refundable security despot payment of Rs 1500 to the company. Users get 1000GB of data at high-speed with this trial plan.

Note that you will have to cancel the connection within or by the 30th day to be eligible to get the complete refund from the company. Tata Play Fiber will also offer users a free landline connection during the trial period. If the user cancels the connection after consuming 30 days of service, he/she will be charged Rs 500, and the only amount refunded will be Rs 1,000 out of the security deposit. Further, the refund to the user is subject to the customer premise equipment (CPE) recovery.

However, if the user chooses to go with one of the plans offered by the company instead of cancelling the subscription, he/she can get great offers.

If the user chooses to get the 100 Mbps plan for three months at least, he/she will be refunded the complete Rs 1500. However, with the 50 Mbps plan for three months, the amount refunded will be Rs 500, and the remaining Rs 1,000 will be in the security deposit wallet.

If going for the monthly plans, the user will be refunded Rs 1000 after three months of active service, and the remaining Rs 500 will stay in the security deposit wallet.

The Try and Buy scheme is a promotional offer from the company and is only available in select regions of the country, including New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Greater Noida, Mumbai, and more.


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