Swimming pool, golf putting green and a helipad, the world’s longest car has it all


After 36 years, the world’s longest car, named “The American Dream” was restored to its former glory. In addition to being fully repaired, it also broke its former world record and became the world’s longest car on March 1, 2022. 

First built in 1986 by famous car builder Jay Ohrberg, “The American Dream” measured 100 feet after a few customisations. In 2022, the legendary car is 1.5 inches longer. On average a regular car is between 12 to 16 feet long. 

The American Dream has a host of luxury amenities such as a jacuzzi, bathtub, waterbed, mini-golf course, several televisions, and even a helipad that can hold five thousand pounds of weight. However, its length makes it difficult to park or drive on roads. 

Despite its novelty factor, the car was once laying abandoned in a warehouse. Fortunately, auto enthusiast Michael Manning came across an eBay listing for the car. As reported by the Guinness World Records, Manning could not afford to buy it but he convinced the corporation that was selling the car to let him bring it to New York for restoration at his automotive teaching museum named Autoseum. 

Manning had planned to acquire community donations for the restoration project but failed to pool in enough funds. In 2019, Michael Dezer, owner of the Dezerland Park Car Museum, found out about the car and brought it. 

Then along with Manning, he began the car’s long restoration process that costed over 2,50,000 dollars (approximately 1.9 crore). Now the car is set to be displaced in Dezerland Park Car Museum in Florida, USA. 


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