2022 Yamaha Nmax 155cc Scooter Gets Traction Control From R15 V4


In production since 2015, Yamaha Nmax 155 is available for sale in China and South East Asian markets like Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand

New Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter With Traction Control System
New Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter With Traction Control System

Based on Aerox 155 that is available for sale in India, Yamaha Nmax 155 has received its 2022 update in China. The entry-level maxi-scooter has also been updated in select South East Asian markets. The updates are largely functional in nature, aimed at improving overall ride experience for users.

Yamaha Nmax 2022 updates

For improved safety and better control and handling, 2022 Yamaha Nmax 155 has been equipped with a traction control system. This feature will be available with Nmax ABS variant and is same as the one on offer with the latest R15 V4. The system has sensors that can detect loss of traction in rear tyre, which can happen on slippery surfaces or when pushing the accelerator during cornering.

Working with the ECU, the system works to reduce rear wheel slip. With traction control, users can achieve faster acceleration on slippery surfaces, all while reducing the risk of a crash. Negotiating sharp corners will also become a lot safer and smoother with traction control.

Another key update for 2022 Nmax 155 is gas-charged rear suspension with pre-load adjustability. This should help improve overall ride experience, especially when negotiating rough patches or unpaved roads. The earlier model had standard spring-based dual shock absorbers.

New Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter With Traction Control System
New Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter With Traction Control System

No other updates

Apart from traction control and new rear suspension, 2022 Nmax remains largely the same as earlier. It is powered by a 155 cc motor that churns out 15 PS of max power and 13.9 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a V-belt automatic transmission.

Aerox 155 has this same engine. It is also in use with other Yamaha two-wheelers such as MT15 and YFZ R15 V4. The motor is equipped with VVA tech that ensures strong torque delivery at low speeds and optimal power at high speeds. It also helps achieve smooth acceleration when starting from a stop position.

Other key features available with Nmax 155 include engine stop and start system for improved fuel efficiency, smart key system for touchless ignition, hazard lamp, mobile charging port and 23.3 litre underseat storage. It has an all-LED setup with cool designs for the headlamp and taillamp.

New Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter
New Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter

Nmax has a multifunction full digital speedometer that displays a range of info such as fuel gauge, speed, clock and real-time fuel economy. Users can access a range of connectivity features via Yamaha Y-Connect app. It includes maintenance recommendations, malfunction notification, fuel consumption tracking and parking location.

As India already has Aerox 155, it is unlikely that Nmax will be launched here. However, it is possible that some of the updates introduced with Nmax could eventually make its way to Aerox 155. Cost of the upgrades will be a key factor that will determine whether Yamaha chooses to introduce new features for Aerox 155. In its present form, Aerox 155 is available at a starting price of Rs 1.39 lakh (Ex-showroom, Delhi).


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