Top 10 Two Wheelers May 2022


Top 10 two-wheeler sales for May 2022 is reported at significant YoY growth owing to low base sales a year earlier

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Sales May 2022
Modified Royal Enfield Classic 350

Top 10 two-wheeler sales for May 2022 are markedly improved in a YoY graph. However, a comparison isn’t fair considering sales numbers were so dissimilar owing to effects of Covid-19 a year earlier. With an intense wave of the epidemic affecting vast swathes of the populace, business activity was restricted.

This meant production and sales were vastly reduced at the time. Cumulative sales for the top 10 2Ws is reported at 9,16,784 units in May 2022. In May 2021, this number was at a low of 2,53,396 units. Volume gain stands at 6,63,388 units.

Top 10 Two Wheelers May 2022

As expected, Hero Splendor triumphs atop at 2,62,249 units up from 1,00,435 units. Volume diff stood at 1,61,814 units. Splendor monthly sales is in the habit of obliterating all others by maintaining a lead that’s difficult to gnaw away at. Splendor sales alone far exceeds total sales reported by most other manufacturers. And it accounts for the majority of the manufacturer’s domestic sales.

Honda Activa, also as expected sits second on the table. Sales was reported at just below 1.5L units, up from 17k units. Volume gain stood at 1,32,401 units. For Honda 2W, Activa has been at the forefront from the early days. And is the only scooter to have successfully placed itself among the top 5 two wheelers sold in a consistent manner.

Top 10 Two Wheelers May 2022
Top 10 Two Wheelers May 2022

Hero HF Deluxe sales were close on the heels of Activa at 1,27,330 units. Up from 42,118 units, YoY volume gain stood at 85,212 units. Honda CB Shine sales followed closely at 1,19,765 units, up from 14,666 units. Volume gain is reported at 1,05,099 units. With the top order comprising two products from Hero MotoCorp and Honda 2 Wheelers, it’s easy to see how both have a stronghold in the domestic market.

Pulsar, Classic 350 Sales

Bajaj Pulsar sales is reported at 69,241 units, up from a little under 40k units. YoY volume gain stood at close to 30k units. TVS Jupiter sales stood at 59,613 units, having exceeded XL 100 moped sales. For the longest time the humble moped wore the crown of TVS’ bestseller but that order has been chipped away in recent months. YoY Jupiter sales is up from 6,153 units.

Suzuki Access sales lead the manufacturer’s upward growth. And, last month accounted for 50 percent of the manufacturer’s sales at 35,709 units. YoY sales are up from under 10k units.

TVS XL 100 sales are close behind at 35,148 units, up from 7,135 units. Royal Enfield Classic 350 sales are reported at 30k units, up from 9,239 units. Volume gain stood at over 20k units. Hero Glamour sales are up at 28,363 units from 7,313 units. 


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Top 10 Two Wheelers May-22 May-21 Growth % YoY
1. Hero Splendor 2,62,249 1,00,435 161.11
2. Honda Activa 1,49,407 17,006 778.55
3. Hero HF Deluxe 1,27,330 42,118 202.32
4. Honda CB Shine 1,19,765 14,666 716.62
5. Bajaj Pulsar 69,241 39,625 74.74
6. TVS Jupiter 59,613 6,153 868.84
7. Suzuki Access 35,709 9,706 267.91
8. TVS XL 100 35,148 7,135 392.61
9. Royal Enfield Classic 350 29,959 9,239 224.27
10. Hero Glamour 28,363 7,313 287.84
Total 9,16,784 2,53,396 261.80