Ashneer Groover

Ashneer Grover sarcastically shows off his ‘lavish lifestyle’

Former Shark Tank India ‘shark’ Ashneer Grover, who recently resigned as a member of the BharatPe board after being accused of financial misdeeds, took to social media and sarcastically showed off his ‘lavish lifestyle’–a picture of the mattress he’s sleeping on as he travels across the US and the UK.

Ashneer has been accused of misappropriating funds, and according to a statement by BharatPe, ‘is no longer an employee, a founder, or a director of the company’. Ashneer’s photo was a response to claims that he lives lavishly on company money.

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“I am appalled at the personal nature of the BharatPe Board’s statement, but not surprised. It comes from a position of personal hatred and low thinking. I think the Board needs to be reminded of $1M of secondary shares investors bought from me in Series C, $2.5M in Series D and $8.5M in Series E. I would also want to learn who among Amarchand, PWC and A&M has started doing audit on ‘lavishness’ of one’s lifestyle,” he wrote in a LinkedIn post.

He added, “The only thing lavish about me is my dreams and ability to achieve them against all odds through hard work and enterprise. I hope the Board can get back to working soon – I as a shareholder am worried about the value destruction. I wish the Company and the Board a speedy recovery. Please get back to your actual day jobs.”

He concluded, “P.S. I indeed have a very lavish lifestyle. I get invited by friends with open hearts to their homes, where I have no qualms sleeping on the floor. And this is when I am on the road in US and UK raising $370M Series E. And I’ve the right to stay in any lavish hotel and charge it on the company issued credit card in my pocket. Those who haven’t built from scratch will never understand the Founder’s mentality.”

Ashneer rose to prominence as a member of the panel on the first season of the reality series Shark Tank India, where his abrasive demeanour was criticised. He was often accused of belittling contestants and slamming them for wasting his valuable time; he’d also frequently list his achievements, once telling a contestant that he does ‘dhanda’ worth Rs 20 crore every day.