Safemoon Holder Says Bitgert Is A Life Changing Opportunity, While Babydoge, Metahero, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu Community Members Says the Same


Safemoon Holder Says Bitgert is a Life Changing Opportunity, While Babydoge, Metahero, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu Community Members Says the Same

by Analytics Insight

February 7, 2022


Bitgert has been receiving lots of compliments from all corners of the crypto industry. From crypto investors to crypto experts, they are giving Bitgert positive reviews. To most crypto enthusiasts, including the Safemoon holders, Bitgert is a life-changing opportunity that will see many investors finally attain the financial independence they have been looking for. Read more below the projects whose investors believe that Bitgert is the next big thing:



Some crypto enthusiasts believe that Bitgert might be the next gold in the crypto industry. It is the only crypto project developing products that will disrupt the entire crypto industry and make most crypto projects almost irrelevant. The Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain, which has testnet development coming soon, is one of the most disruptive products. The Bitgert blockchain will be the solution to the current issue of the costly gas fee. The Bitgert team is also developing a CEX, metaverse product, and payment tool called PayBrise. These are just some of the utilities making Bitgert popular even with other crypto community members.



Just like Bitgert, Centcex is another cryptocurrency that is increasingly growing popular in the crypto industry. The crypto project boasts of having one of the best utilities in the crypto industry due to its design. The Centcex team is going to produce an unlimited number of crypto apps, which will be funded by every 3% of the transaction made. All these products will be running on the Centcex network. In addition to that, the 100% APY Centcex staking rewards have been the biggest attraction for crypto investors. That’s why Centcex is one of the cryptocurrencies doing very in the market.



Safemoon crypto investors have a liking for the Bitgert project. First, Bitgert has been the toughest Safemoon competitor. This is because they are both DeFi projects, delivering almost the same products. But Bitgert is now passed Safemoon on products delivery, with its multiple products launch. Unlike Safemoon, Bitgert gas a staking process going, a CEX almost about to launch and the blockchain testnet starting soon. These are reasons SFM investors believe that Bitgert might be one of the best crypto projects of 2022. However, Safemoon has fully launched, and the team is about to launch the widely anticipated Operate phoenix.



Another community that believes in Bitgert is BabyDoge investors. Babydoge has been on the fastest growing dog coin but has very few products coming. However, the coin has been growing very fast because of the high utility the team has given the token compared to other dog coins. However, on the project, Babydoge has nothing on Bitgert, and that is why its holders consider it the best crypto investment. Immediately the launch of the centralized exchange happens, more Babydoge investors will be joining Bitgert.



When it comes to utilities, Metahero cannot compare to Bitgert. The Metahero team has one of the most advanced scanning technologies on the market. The Metascanner V3 is also one of the widely used scanning technologies in the market today, with so many industries using it to generate digital objects. But this might be the only major product in the Metahero ecosystem. That is why the Metahero holders might be feeling that Bitgert is the life-changing opportunity they need to grab. There might be more Metahero crypto investors that will be joining Bitgert soon, especially the launch of the Brise CEX.


Saitama Inu

The Saitama Inu team is building a powerful ecosystem for this project, including a fast range of products. The first flagship project, SaitaMask, is already launched though there have been some challenges with bug attacks. But the number of products that the Saitama Inu project will never have the impact that Bitgert is having. This is what makes the Saitama community join Bitgert because they believe that it will be the next big thing.


Floki Inu

The Floki Inu project is getting a new face with the developers now building products that will give the token more value. That is why the Floki coin has been doing very well in the market, especially with the bull market condition. But the Floki Inu holders still feel that Bitgert might be offering far better opportunities. There has been a growing number of Floki community members joining Bitgert. They want to enjoy the coming bull run after the Brise exchange launch.

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