‘Moment of truth’: Ratan Tata takes a ride in custom-made Nano EV


Earlier this week, Electra EV posted a picture of Ratan Tata, former chairman of Tata Sons, and Shantanu Naidu, his assistant, alongside a custom-made electric Nano. The company, that provides powertrain solutions to automakers, was founded by Ratan Tata himself. 

In the caption, Electra EV wrote, “It is a moment of truth for Team Electra EV when our Founder takes a ride in the custom-built 72V Nano EV, powered by the engineering might of Electra EV’s powertrain! We are super proud to deliver Mr Tata’s Nano EV and gain insights from his invaluable feedback. #SuperChargedTeam #Sustainablility #EVPowertrainIndia #InnovationForElectricMobility #ElectraEVPowertrain #Future #EVPowetrainInnovation” 

Under the post, Shantanu Naidu appreciated the electric car’s performance and wrote, “It glided more than it drove…good job”. So far, the post has gathered over 23,000 likes and hundreds of comments. 

The post also prompted many people to urge the auto company to expand its production of electric vehicles. A Linkedin user commented, “I believe Tata Nano Electric would be a success if it was made into production, we have seen the success of NEXON EV and TIGOR EV. Everyone wants a small city electric car that is easy to drive in city traffic. Nano fits the gap. Easy to drive and easy to park.” 

Currently, Electra EV offers two electric passenger cars: Nexon EV and Tigor EV.  Experts believe that for electric cars to thrive, the government must equip its cities and towns with infrastructure support such as fast-charging stations and better tax incentives for electricity-powered vehicles. 


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