JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Program 2022 for young Entrepreneurs.



Application Deadline: March 13th, 2022

The JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Program, is an international competition with a main objective to motivate enterprising young leaders. 

The Creative Young Entrepreneur Program, through its sponsors and partners, will award the winners of the competition for their efforts and also play an important role to inspire and promote participants to create innovative new businesses and therefore jobs, in line with the JCI RISE Initiative to tackle the economic challenges. 

The core of the CYE program is for young leaders to showcase their up and running businesses. CYE challenges young entrepreneurs to critically and creatively think by requiring them to provide an indepth business model, their marketing position, and strategic goals on how their venture will begin to earn a profit and become sustainable. By providing expert mentorship and as part of the CYE experience, this program is not only a grading system but instead is an experience for participants to actively learn and receive insightful feedback.

Whether a participant is first place or not, their business is sure to benefit from the experience. Developing this enterprising spirit and self-starter mindset is at the core of JCI’s Business and Entrepreneurship Area of Opportunity.


  • The CYE Program helps foster business and entrepreneurship. Tap into your competitive side and enterprising spirit as a Global Entrepreneur!
  • By participating in CYE, participants can take their leadership skills to the next level.
  • With a variety of ways to get involved, there’s something for everyone, including the opportunity to enhance your business through the Creative Young Entrepreneur program!

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Program 2022


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