Explained: How Air India, AirAsia India pact for domestic passengers will work


Tata Group airlines Air India and AirAsia India signed an agreement on interline considerations on irregular operations (IROPs), that will allow
the two airlines to transfer passengers to one another in case of disrupted operations.

What are IROPs?

Airlines typically enter into such interline agreements with other carriers, especially on routes where they operate limited number of flights, to prevent inconvenience to passengers in case of disruptions. These disruptions could occur as a result of extenuating circumstances such as delays, cancellations, diversion of flights.

What does this mean?

As a consequence of this agreement, in case of disruptions witnessed by either of the airlines on one of the routes where the other airline is operational, passengers will be transferred to the alternative available flight.

How does this work?

Through the agreement, which is valid only for the domestic routes till February 9, 2024, the transfer of passengers shall be done only on an “as available” basis as determined by the airport manager of the accepting airline.

For example, on a sector like Siliguri-Delhi, where both airlines operate, in case Air India’s flight is cancelled for some reason, passengers on the cancelled flight will be transferred to the AirAsia India flight on the basis of available seats on the aircraft. This will be in addition to the other refund or free date change options that the airlines offers.

What about the various services available through one airline?

With regard to baggage allowance, in case a passenger booked on AirAsia India is being transferred to an Air India flight, the original AirAsia India allowance of 15 kg will be applicable. However, if a passenger who was originally booked to fly on Air India is being transferred to the AirAsia India flight, the free baggage allowance will be as per Air India’s original ticket.

Air India typically offers 25 kg of free baggage allowance on domestic routes in economy class.

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