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amazon prime membership: These users can get 60% off on Amazon Prime membership, here’s how

Amazon has announced new offers on Prime membership for Valentine’s Day. The company has announced a Youth Offer that provides 50% off to 18–24-year-olds on their Prime membership. If you joined Prime through the offer, you can invite other users in the same age group from the Prime Referrals page on the Amazon app. When the invited person joins Prime and verifies his/her age, you will get a 15-day free Prime membership extension and your friend gets a flat 60% cashback on the price of the Prime plan they have purchased.

Users who join Prime via Amazon Prime Referrals program can get 60% off on their membership – 50% as part of the Youth Offer and 10% extra as a one-time Referral reward. The cashback value varies by the Prime plan opted by your friend and can be up to Rs 900 for the 1-year plan.
This means your friend can get the monthly Prime membership worth Rs 179 in just Rs 71. The same goes with the 3-month and 1-year plan. With both the offers, your friend can get 3-month and 9-month Prime membership for Rs 183 and Rs 599 respectively.

It is worth noting that 18-24-year-old members who joined Prime with Youth offer can access referrals on in their Amazon app only. When the friend being referred joins Prime and verifies his/her age you will get 15 extra days of Prime. Amazon has clarified that there’s no limit to the number of extra days of Prime you can get by referring friends.