World's Most Expensive Pillow Costs Nearly Rs 45 Lakh, Here's Why


World's Most Expensive Pillow Costs Nearly Rs 45 Lakh, Here's Why

It took fifteen years to create this exclusive pillow.

A Dutch cervical specialists-turned-designer has founded and designed the world’s most expensive pillow. 

According to the official website, the “Tailormade Pillow” is the most exclusive and advanced pillow in the world. It is made from Egyptian cotton and mulberry silk and is filled with non-toxic Dutch memory foam. Thijs van der Hilst from the Netherlands is behind the creation of the pillow, which sells for a startling $57,000 (nearly Rs 45 lakh), as per Architectural Digest

As per the website, Mr Hilst took fifteen years to create this exclusive pillow. It is studded with 24-carat gold, diamonds and sapphire. Moreover, the cotton used to stuff the pillow comes from a robotic milling machine. 

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The pillow has a 24-carat gold cover – a glitzy fabric sheath that purportedly blocks all electromagnetic radiation for safer and healthier sleep. Adding to the price tag is a zipper that holds a 22.5-carat sapphire and four diamonds.

“Combining high-tech solutions and old-fashioned craftsmanship, Tailormade Pillow is the most innovative and above all personalized pillow ever made,” read the website. 

The pillow is packaged in a branded box. Mr Hilst claims that the pillow will help people with insomnia sleep peacefully. The website explained that the pillow is custom-made for each customer. 

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The exact dimensions of the person’s shoulders, head and neck are carefully measured by using a 3D scanner. After this, it is filled with a Dutch memory foam, which adapts to the shape of the person’s head, using high-tech robotic machine mills. The customer’s upper body measurement and sleeping posture are also noted before making the pillow. 

“It doesn’t matter you are petit or large, man or woman, side or back sleeper. Your Tailormade pillow supports you in the best possible way,” the company has stated. 

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