Woman Forgets Purse While Boarding Flight. Ground Crew Does The Unthinkable


Woman Forgets Purse While Boarding Flight. Ground Crew Does The Unthinkable

The ground staff is seen tossing the purse over to the pilot.

Taking a flight to your destination is a tedious process for some. Passengers have to check-in their baggage, undergo security check and stand in long queues before finally boarding the plane. In this rush, there are chances that some people forget parts of their luggage.

This happened with a woman passenger who forgot her purse while getting on a flight. But thanks to the ground staff and the pilot, she was reunited with her precious cargo.

A video of the incident has appeared on Reddit and is now going viral. It shows moments before a plane is about to leave the taxiway and go to the main runway for take-off. The passenger boarding bridge is seen detached from the plane. 

With no other way to get into the plane, a cabin crew member attempts something daring – to hand over the purse to the pilot who is ready with his window pulled down.

As appears from the video, the cabin crew member is looking to deliver the package in one throw to avoid unnecessary delay of the flight. So, he calculates the distance from the edge of the passenger bridge to the pilot’s window in his mind before tossing it towards the plane.

The purse lands safely in pilot’s hands who gives a double thumbs up to the man. The cabin crew member, meanwhile, does a fist pump in jubilation.

The video is a hit on Reddit, with more than 37,000 votes and over 500 comments.

“That fist pump at the end though! “YES!!”” commented a user. “The universal sign of “glad I didn’t make it worse”,” said another.

Others recalled their own experiences about how their luggage was left behind and the process they had to go through to get it back.

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