Vlogger wants to sell Mahindra XUV700 AX7 AWD variant in just two months: Brake failure, other issues


There is no doubt that the XUV700 is a huge hit in the Indian market. People who have booked the SUV are waiting for the delivery desperately. However, here we have a vlogger who is planning to sell his Mahindra XUV700 in just two months.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Explore The Unseen 2.0. The SUV did around 2,500 km on the vlogger’s Ladakh trip whereas the 5,000 km were covered when he travelled to Mumbai. It seems like he has covered a total of 10,000 km in just 2 months. The variant that the vlogger bought is AX7 Luxury Pack with an all-wheel drive. So, it is the top-end variant.

The second service of the Mahindra XUV700 should be around Rs. 3,000 to  Rs. 3,500 but the vlogger says that he paid Rs. 15,000 for the second service. His front brake pads were worn out in just 10,000 km which he had to replace. This is quite surprising considering that brake pads do not get worn out so fast. The reason behind this according to the vlogger is that the XUV700 comes with ADAS or Advanced Driver Aids System. The system detects if there is a vehicle ahead and starts applying brakes automatically.

Vlogger wants to sell Mahindra XUV700 in just two months: These are his reasons

On the first day after servicing the vehicle, the XUV700 started making some weird “thud” noises, according to the vlogger. The noise would be heard whenever the SUV would go over bumps and there is also a clip of the sound in the video.

The service centre then called the vlogger and the car stayed at the service centre for 3 days. They fixed all the issues that were pointed out to them. But the vlogger had decided he will be selling the SUV. He parked the car at his home and started using his Mahindra Thar.

Then one day when he took the XUV700 out, his brakes failed. He slowly drove the SUV to his trusted mechanic. The mechanic said that the brake boosters are not working and there is no pressure. On the next day, Mahindra’s officials took the SUV to the service centre. The reason behind the brake failure was that the master cylinder malfunctioned. Mahindra replaced the master cylinder.

Vlogger wants to sell Mahindra XUV700 in just two months: These are his reasons

Because of this issue, the vlogger lost his confidence in his XUV700. He usually does a lot of touring on the SUV and has to drive on hills and bad roads. In such cases, it is the brake that is the most important aspect and because of the brake failure, he is no longer confident that he can take the SUV to such places. He no longer has his peace of mind.

What to do if your brakes fail?

If your brakes fail then the first thing to do is breathe and do not panic. Examine your environment and chose the safest lane where the traffic is less. Release the throttle and try to downshift. Because of engine braking, the car would start to slow down gradually. While the car is slowing down, you can start pumping the brake pedal as it might work. If your car is equipped with a manual parking brake then slowly pull it when your car’s speed has decreased.


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