Video Of A "Passionate" Fruit Seller Goes Viral, Internet in Splits


Video Of A 'Passionate' Fruit Seller Goes Viral, Internet in Splits

The fruit seller performed a variety of acts to attract customers.

A video of a man selling fruits with funny gestures is going viral on the internet. Uploaded on Reddit, the video shows the fruit seller shouting and making funny faces to make a sales pitch.

“If my Fruit dealer ain’t this passionate about fruits then I don’t want it,” Reddit user Crowcin said while sharing the video on the community r/funny.

It has received more than 65,000 votes since being posted on Sunday.

The video shows the man cutting papayas and watermelons. He shouts in amusement after looking at the insides of the fruits, making a pitch that these fruits are ripe (“Kitna laal hai”) to attract customers.

The one-minute-long video doesn’t specify the location, but shows a few people gathered around the man’s fruit trolley. They seem to be enjoying the unique sales pitch of the fruit vendor.

Reddit users thoroughly enjoyed the man’s video and posted funny comments.

“Kroger spent millions on a rebranding campaign and all they needed was this guy,” one user commented, talking about the American retail company that operates supermarkets and department stores throughout the company.

“They’re juiciest when you scream at them first,” said another user.

“Someone needs to sneak in a yellow watermelon into his stash. Imagine an actual surprised reaction from him,” another comment read.

This comes a few months after the video of a grape seller went viral on social media for his catchy jingle to sell his grapes.

The video of the grape seller was shared on Instagram by user ‘saaliminayat’. It received over 2.5 million views and 109k likes. The exact location of the video was been disclosed.

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