Twitter Shops will let sellers showcase more products on their profiles


Twitter is rolling out a new shopping beta today: Twitter Shops, which lets sellers add a virtual storefront to their profiles for customers to browse. Notably, Twitter Shops won’t actually let you purchase things directly — instead, the shop listings will link you out to the company’s website in an in-app browser to actually complete your purchase.

The feature is effectively a more substantial version of the existing Shop Module that Twitter has already been testing, but instead of a rolling carousel of products, it’s a larger list with a dedicated profile link.

With Twitter Shops, your Twitter profile will get a new “view shop” button on the top of your profile, where companies will be able to list up to 50 products for customers. The feature — which is rolling out today to “select merchants and managed partners in the US” is free to use, although only iOS users in the US will see the shops for now. Companies launching Twitter Shops today include Verizon, Arden Cove, the Latinx In Power podcast, Gay Pride Apparel, and All I Do Is Cook.

Shops represents Twitter’s latest effort to continue to branch out into shopping, following the aforementioned Shop Module and its Live Shopping experience.


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