Toyota releases new TVC showing Camry’s hybrid system


Toyota is known for its hybrid vehicles. They sell the Camry in India which comes with a proper hybrid system. Now, the Japanese manufacturer has released two new videos to promote the hybrid technology in India. They have probably done this because they will soon launch a new vehicle which will be a strong hybrid.

Both the videos feature a Toyota Camry because it is the most affordable proper hybrid vehicle in our country. The videos are a part of Toyota’s new “Hum Hai Hybrid Campaign”. However, this will soon change because Toyota will be launching their new D22 mid-size SUV which will also be a hybrid.

Mr. Atul Sood, Associate Vice President (Sales and Strategic Marketing), TKM, said, “Our consistent efforts to popularise electrified vehicle technology represents TKM’s commitment to India’s carbon neutrality goals. As global pioneers of electrified vehicle technologies, our aim is to drive awareness about mobility solutions which are practical and sustainable, thereby immensely contributing to the overall social benefits of the consumers and environment at large. Further, we do hope that this will result in promoting wider adoption of electrified vehicles in the country. I am certain that such initiative will go a long way, to build good awareness about the eco-friendly vehicle technologies amongst all stakeholders including customers, supplier partners, media, students, and car enthusiasts.”

In the video, we can see a Toyota Camry going through fields and empty roads. Because Camry is a strong hybrid, it can charge the battery itself through brake regeneration and through the engine. The vehicle can run on battery power alone till 40 kmph or till the batteries run out. The hybrid system also works with the engine to maximise its efficiency. Because of this, Camry Hybrid releases 122 grams of CO2 for every kilometre which is quite low as compared to other vehicles.

Toyota releases new TVC showing Camry’s hybrid system

The engine on the Camry is a 2.5-litre, four-cylinder unit. It produces 178 hp of max power and 213 Nm of peak torque. It drives the front wheels only using a CVT automatic transmission that is controlled by the ECU and you also get paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel. Then there is the permanent magnet synchronous motor that is capable of producing 120 hp. Total power output stands at 218 hp.

Toyota releases new TVC showing Camry’s hybrid system

You get three driving modes to choose from namely, Eco, Sport and Normal. Toyota offers a warranty of  8 years or 1,60,000 kilometres on the battery of the Camry. The Camry does not have any direct rivals. Toyota has priced the Camry at Rs. 43.45 lakhs ex-showroom.

Upcoming hybrid SUV

Toyota releases new TVC showing Camry’s hybrid system

Toyota is working on a new mid-size SUV. It is being co-developed with Maruti Suzuki. Toyota has codenamed it D22. It is expected to be powered by a 1.5-litre, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine which will get a strong hybrid system. The SUV is expected to be launched after Diwali.

Toyota releases new TVC showing Camry’s hybrid system

Toyota D22 is expected to be based on the DNGA platform. The SUVs have been spotted once and they carry a split headlamp design. The grille design would be similar to the one found on the Toyota Glanza and the Camry. There are squared-off wheel arches on the sides.


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