Toyota Fortuner modified with Legender body kit looks good


Toyota Fortuner has been present in the Indian market for almost a decade. It has created a space for itself in the segment that no other SUV has ever been able achieve. Fortuner is a 7-seater SUV which competes with cars like MG Gloster in the segment. Toyota Fortuner is a capable SUV both on and off the road and there are several video proving the same available online. It is a reliable SUV and there are many first generation Fortuner owners in India who are still using the car without any problems in it. Several modification options are also available for the SUV now. Here we have one such video where a pre-facelift model of Fortuner has been modified to look like a Legender.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger shows the condition of the car when it had arrived at the workshop. There were minor dents and scratches on the body panels and the seat covers in the car had also damaged. The owner wanted to convert his Toyota Fortuner to Legender and also wanted to customise the interiors.

Just like in any other case, the workshop starts by taking down the stock bumper, headlamp, grille of the SUV. Once this was taken down, all the small dents and scratches on the SUV were marked and corrected using a dent puller machine. Once the dents were pulled out, a thin coat of putty is applied on the body panels to achieve shape and even look. Excess putty was then removed from the panels and then the car was taken to the paint booth.

Toyota Fortuner neatly modified to look like Legender [Video]

A coat of primer was applied on the car here. Once the primer had dried out, a coat of pearl white paint was sprayed on to the car. A clear coat was also applied to achieve a glossy finish. The front grille and the bumper was replaced with an aftermarket Legender unit. The stock headlamps were also replaced with Legender LED lamps. The fog lamps are LED too. Coming to the side profile, the dual-tone finish on the car was not there anymore, the car is now done in single-tone and the alloy wheels are the same as pre-facelift models.

At the rear, the bumper was replaced with a Legender unit and the tail lamps are also LED units. There is a chrome garnish on the tail gate with illuminated Fortuner branding in it. As mentioned above, the owner of this car also wanted the interior to be customised. The stock interior was all-black and was giving the cabin a cramped look. The seat covers and door pads were all removed and all these areas were wrapped in genuine Italian leather. The beige colour seat covers were custom made and they were fitting perfectly. The roof liner was changed and it also gets starlight roof. The intensity of the light and the colour can be changed using a mobile application. Overall, the car was looking brilliant with all the modifications outside and customisations inside.


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