Top 10 Best And Most Reputed Startups In Pune 2022


Top 10 Best and Most Reputed Startups in Pune 2022

Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra and is considered the city of managing most of the automotive operations along with the IT sectors. The city of Pune is known to be one of the most favourable cities and considered a destination for the number of startups done in India. The city has given the path to many entrepreneurs and helped them establish their business in the city and even receive the best kind of response from the audience of Pune.

 It is considered a very sprawling city in the Western part of India. At the same time, we focus on the term “startup ecosystem”, which is regarded as a phenomenon like the technology-driven start-ups that have gathered a lot of followers and appreciation.

Technologies have been changing a lot with time and have been giving opportunities to many people. In the city of Pune, you can easily trace the activities of some of the manufacturers that were done in the technology-driven along with the manufacturing/ automation or the start-ups, running successfully from the 19th century. From the early times, the city has been called the city of the seat of learning.

Pune also has 2nd oldest engineering college that was established in the year 1853. The college has dramatically helped with the city’s tech systems and manufacturing startup ecosystem for the last 150 years.

 The early 20th century witnessed the birth of most small-scale manufacturing related companies or businesses in and around the city area. One of the earliest start-ups was called the “Manufacturing start-ups”. One of the most outstanding examples considered in these kinds of ventures was the setup of Laxmanrao Kirloskar in Kirloskarwadi, which was initially launched in the sector that focused on farm equipment. After the independence period, the city transformed and became a preferred manufacturing city for the largest automotive companies.

This movement helped a lot in creating the manufacturing supplier ecosystem and then resulted in having more of the smaller units of business. The Auto-EM suppliers of the startup and their network continued to become more famous in the 1970s/80s.

This year, the city saw how some small startup companies were changing into high-end companies. Then the year came off the 1980s/90s, which saw the development of some “electronics start-ups”, which started taking up control of the new trend in the city.

The era of 1980s also saw the emergence of start-ups in the “software era” in Pune. With all of this advancement happening, the city has transformed into a great city and has given some great start-ups.

Even today, it is progressing more and more in the town and creating more of the smaller units of companies or businesses. The 1980s and early 1990s were the introductions of the new software start-ups, which focused more on IT services and all the operations related to them.

 Even some of them have gone into transforming and becoming the city’s icons and attracting the audience. One of the top start-ups that were founded was the one acclaimed globally, called the Silicon Valley, which witnessed the big event from the 1970s. The very well-known capitalist, Paul Graham, the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, has talked in detail about the startup that he started at the.

Pune has shown an excellent academic with the best research and educational institutions. In today’s time, Pune has developed many powerful and topmost software and IT Companies, and some are making all these services of the most talented people. Recently, it has ranked in the top five cities in software services and different kinds of IT start-ups.

 The year 2000 saw some of the best kind of ecosystem startup, by some of the most talented and skilled entrepreneurs like the TiE Pune, Pune Open Coffee Club and Pune Tech. in the year 2010, it has seen some of the leading software start-ups. It has seen Pune hit the “Unicorn” status because of the services they have been giving.

As the Pandemic started in the year 2021, the different activities of virus testing and so many vaccines were known to be the top focus incomplete world as there was so much loss of life.

In that tough time, Pune was the city that helped at that moment with their biotech and healthcare ecosystems that were very well already for the Pandemic, as its large company, Serum Institute of India, which helped in the manufacturing the ‘Oxford Vaccine’ for delivering it to the medium size pharma, and the small scale of start-ups.

Speaking of the small start-ups, one called the “MyLab Solutions” became one of the first to manufacture a domestic test kit for people to use at their homes for the Covid-19 virus.

Let’s have a detailed look at each of the start-ups that have established their name so far with much appreciation.

1.  FirstCry

firstcry has revamped baby apparel shopping in india

The startup known as FirstCry is called the largest online store for babies and all the products related to kids. From the time it was launched, it has been ranking on the top list for the kinds of products they have serving for babies all around the country.

It caters more to the mothers’ needs for their babies who expect to provide a very comfortable kind of atmosphere for their babies. All parents with children and toddlers have been reaching their website more often. FirstCry is the one platform giving the most extensive catalogue for kids until the time of their early teens.

The venture of FirstCry was started by Spam Maheshwari and Amitava Saha, who has been providing the best kind of deals related to all the products of the kids. It aims to ensure that all the customers who come to seek their service get the best choices of some of the top-rated brands with the best prices in India. It is also known for its on-time delivery. The well-known and most reputed actor, Amitabh Bachchan, is the brand ambassador of FirstCry. The startup launched in Pune is considered to be the significant customer base of the startup.

From the time it was introduced, it has been rapidly delivering the best kid’s products. It started in 2010 and has products like kid’s footwear, fashion accessories, feeding, nursing, and diapering. FirstCry has an inventory of the products more than 90,000 items from the 1200 Indian and International brands. The company gives excellent products and uses different brands at the most reasonable price.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  BrainBees Solutions Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries     Baby Products
         Founder(s) Supam Maheshwari, Amitava Saha & Prashant Jadhav
        Founded Date              2010
Total Funding Amount         $741.4 Million
          Investors PremjiIInvest & TPG Capital Asia

2. InTouchApp

intouchapp firefox extension - save contacts & data from websites to your phone | product hunt

Want a simple yet helpful app for managing your contacts? Then, InTouchApp is the one platform that helps customers efficiently manage their contacts. It was launched to support the businesses and keep in mind all the city entrepreneurs. With this app, you can easily save your contacts safely from different business cards and use them whenever you want.

The application makes the updates automatically and also help in assisting with managing both the business contacts and personal contacts. The app is available for free on all major platforms for all the people in business. The company has made around 1 million of their downloads and efficiently manages their billion and millions of contacts that people have given them safely.

The application was founded by Sarang Lake, who has got his twelve years of experience in application development. It has more than 1.5 million users and has been given a rating of 4 by most customers. If contacts are essential to you, then this could be your app. It is a straightforward app, yet a compelling app for mostly managing contacts.

 It has the service of InTouch Extension, where you can save the unknown numbers and all the other data you want to keep from your Whatsapp, Gmail or any other app. The other service is called the InTouch Spaces, which is their one service to easily organize and share discussions and contacts between people or groups.

Company Overview

          Legal Name   InTouchApp Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries    Mobile Application
            Founder(s)       Sarang Lakare
        Founded Date             2012
 Total Funding Amount            Funding
          Investors            Acquired

3. Faasos

faasos - wraps & rolls, hazratganj, lucknow | zomato

Faasos is one kind of food known as the “food on demand” service. It allows you to order the food according to your choice with the help of their application and website. Considering their menu, Faasos has been known to give the best kind of menu with their different types of delicious rolls and many more other things.

Mostly it is known for the large varieties of rolls they serve. It operates in more than fifteen cities of India and has received great reviews from all the people who have ordered their food.

It has been giving its services in more than 200 locations, and it promises to provide a refund around the value of INR 200 whenever there is a case of late delivery. Faasos is a brand owned by the online restaurant of a unicorn status called Rebel Foods.

It is currently working with its ghost kitchens and has distributed across India’s most reputed thirty-five cities. The startup was started in 2011, and it expanded its operations by launching its mobile application in 2014.

It offers meals from four different brands. It is considered the only company operating on all of the three stages of food under the on-demand business, which has the process of ordering, processing and order fulfilment in the operation of online food deliveries.

It was founded by Jaydeep Barman, Kallol Banerjee and Soumyadeep Barman, and this startup started its story in the Calcutta Roll store chain in Pune.

The name of Faasos was taken from Burkina Faso, which is called to be a French colony, and it simply means “Land of Incorruptible People”. The tagline of Faasos, ‘We Got Your Food,’ has made a great place in people’s exercise of ordering food online.

Company Overview

          Legal Name    Rebel Foods Pvt Ltd.
           Industries       Food Delivery
        Founder(s) Jaydeep Barman & Kallol Banerjee 
       Founded Date           2011
Total Funding Amount        $534.5 Million
          Investors Acernis Ventures & Mando Corporation

4. PotraitFlip

portraitflip startup journey - redefining the art of handmade painting

This startup deals with making handmade paintings from different photos and processes the successful delivery to the customer’s doorstep. This company allows customers to order their pictures and transform them into beautiful paintings. The company has also made their website where customers can place their orders quickly and add customization to their images.

The company has reached every corner of the world and has been shipping their order very successfully. Customers have already experienced their orders from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. The company delivers 100% customer satisfaction with the kind of order they provide and their aspect of having on time.

It readily guarantees all of their customers because they trust the artist who makes the customized paintings with utmost care and diligence. Most of the pictures are hand-painted by the company’s artist in mediums like oil, pencil, acrylic, coloured pencil and different watercolours.

PortraitFlip is more famous for the kind of “compilation portraits” they deliver, in which the customers can easily convert any character from several photos into just one painting.

The startup also delivers pet portraits, landscape portraits, and couple portraits. The paintings allow the customers to choose options like the size, framing options, medium, characters, and custom messages. Mr Sunny Choudhary founded the company, and he is the one who is currently directing the company.

This Pune-based startup made revenue of the value of $600,000 from the time of its inception in 2018. With more techniques and benefits to their customers, the company is targeting to reach the value of $14,00,000 by the end of the year 2022.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  PortraitFlip Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries   Art and Handicrafts
            Founder  Sunny Choudhary
        Founded Date          2018
Total Funding Amount      $56.6 Billion
          Investors           Acquired

5. MindTickle

mindtickle's integration platform for the enterprise tech stack | mindtickle inc.

The name MindTickle helps enable the customers in different kinds of sales solutions that are operated in the data-driven analytics to show the impact of the number of sales readiness programmes and the revenue growth. It is a kind of platform called to be a readiness platform that helps create some of the most excellent types of sales and promote their culture, thereby permitting more products to be picked by customers quickly, assisting in solving those products.

In the past, it has already made some of the best kinds of sales and has been giving its customers the benefit for the long term. The startup combines an award-winning platform and the best-practice methods to improve the performance of all the sales made and the knowledge of the sales. The combination of all these things brings out the best results like the improved stage of customer engagement, bigger deals, and more winning rates.

MindTickle was founded or launched in 2011  by Mohit Gard, Nishant Mungali, Deepak Diwakar and Krishna Depura. The company has raised a total of INR 174 Crores in the funding of Series B.

MindTickle has been giving out many advantages and has been proven to be called on the top when it comes to sales programs. It includes their trustful investors: Accel Partners, Canaan Partners, New Enterprise Associates, and Qualcomm Ventures.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  MindTickle Interactive Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries      Business Solutions
            Founder(s) Mohit Garg, Krishna Depura, Nishant Mungli & Deepak Diwakar 
        Founded Date                2011
 Total Funding Amount          $291.3 Million
          Investors Qualcomm Ventures & Norwest Venture Partners.

6.  MarketsandMarkets

marketsandmarkets-semiconductor | linkedin

You can get the best kind of B2B research along with the operations of consulting. It provides the quantified sort of research programs and gives their data related to technology. They have new products, their different kinds of offerings, and the market’s performance. Currently, the startup has been serving 7500 customers that come to them from worldwide, and it includes a total of 80% of the company’s global fortune of the 1000 companies.

MarketsandMarkets has been giving high-level and the mazing type of analysis of some of the significant kinds of significant segments and helps identify new coming opportunities. It has worked with aerospace, biotechnology, defence, mining, construction, pharmaceutical, automotive, agricultural, and healthcare.

Daily, the startup provides a report of their daily activities, which includes the information of the market segmentation, the technical knowledge and the dynamics of the market industry. The company was founded in 2001 and was founded by Sandeep Sugia and Aman Gupta.

You can apply for them when you want quality research in B2B and invest your complete trust with the company. The company has received $56 million of the funding valuation from FTV Capital, Mantra Ventures and Zodius Capital.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  MarketsandMarkets Research Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries        B2B Research 
            Founder(s)  Sandeep Sugla & Amsn Gupta 
        Founded Date            2001
Total Funding Amount         $56 Million
          Investors FTV Capital & Zodius Capital 

7. Fitternity

fitternity raise $2 mn in funding to expand its fitness ecosystem

One of the largest fitness platforms working in the city and receiving appreciation globally. The company has an integrated kind of ecosystem to help the number of their users start and maintain their good fitness journey. It has the best quality of wellness equipment and gives outstanding services worldwide. It is also called a Fitness startup and claims to provide the marketplace with six lakhs of monthly active users.

It has successfully made a network of 12,000 gyms, fitness centres, hotels, studios and swimming pools facilities which has planned to go to the value of 20,000 of the centres and make more expansion in the city. It helps in the booking process across the 12,000 of the fitness centres and has covered 17 of their categories in the fitness services and has successfully catered to ten of the cities till now.

The company has been working across the cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad. It has planned to enter Kochi and Lucknow in future. By the following January, the fitness startup intends to raise USD 12-15 million, around Rs 90 to 112 crores, from some of the most significant investors to have the best expansion.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  Fitternity Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries Fitness, Healthcare & Wellness 
            Founder(s) Jayam Vora & Neha Motwani 
        Founded Date           2013
Total Funding Amount      $10.4 Million         
          Investors Sixth Sense Ventures, Avaana Capital Advisors & Exfinity Venture Partners

8. Haber

haber furthers ai for industrial sustainability with usd $20 million from series b - rd times business

It is a web portal that helps you monitor the real-time that is involved with the data of the different kinds of processes running at the plants with the help of the charts and a KPI matrix. The startup of Haber even allows their customers to have the power of controlling the dosing at the plants remotely with the use of their web portal from any part of the world. It is an integrated platform for operations, utilities and water systems driving visibility.

 It has its headquarters in Pune, which is responsible for making the best kinds of AI-driven industrial robots and was able to raise $20 million in their Series B funding, with their lead investor, Ascent Capital, along with other investors like Accel, Elevation Capital who have helped in the Series A funding in the year 2019.

“With a deep understanding of AI and the functioning of industries, Haber has been able to put together a solution that automates the entire process. Our flagship product,ELIXA, was launched in 2017, enabling our customers to meet their sustainability and profitability goals”. It was a statement made by the CEO and founder of Haber, Vipin Raghavan., who has witnessed the rapid increase in its accuracy.

The company’s funds are used to expand their reach and take it up to the new geographics with industries, with a complete target of 400 billion litres of water in the coming two years and even to deploy over 10,000 eLIXA in the coming five years. Haber has been showing a compelling value with their superior services with the leading technology, with the multi-disciplinary team and the deep subject of the expertise.

Company Overview

          Legal Name        Haber Pvt Ltd
         Industries Industrial, Automation & Water
          Founder      Vipin Raghavan
        Founded Date            2017
Total Fundin Amount         $ 27 Million
          Investors Akash Gupta, Ascent Capital & Mukul Chawla

9. MedCords

medcords fights the battle against coronavirus with myoperator cloud solutions - issuewire

It is called to be India’s first cloud-based holistic kind of healthcare ecosystem startup that has made the whole health management program very easy. It can be called your trusted kind of healthcare company that has online doctor consultancies, making of the family health plan along with the medicine delivered at your place.

You can get India’s top doctors in this company at your affordable cost with just a single click. It has its easy accessing application, which provides the consultancies of specialists from 5000 plus doctors across the 33 areas.

Even you are someone belonging to a remote area. Still, you can access their application very quickly. The company has a robust customer support system for healthcare services; with their network among the patients and centres, it has been a successful startup in the city in reducing the heat; their expenses, the customers’ travel time, and efforts that are always required.

MedCords is backed by leading investors like the InfoEdge Group, WaterBridge Investors and many other industry experts. The company has reached out its services to many of the remote area villages over 18 months.

In May 2017, it started its operation in Rajasthan and started its journey from the one district of Kota; since then, it has just been expanding more and more, benefitting so many people and aiming towards the wellness of everyone.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  MedCords Healthcare Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries Healthcare & Wellness
            Founder(s) Nikhil Baheti & Shreyans Mehta 
        Founded Date         2016
Total Funding Amount       $262.8 Million
          Investors InfoEdge Ventures, CIIE & Rajasthan Venture Capital 

10. Noccarc Robotics

noccarc robotics on twitter: "we are delighted to share that @harshitr2, #cto & #cofounder, @noccarc has been #awarded "young entrepreneur of the year"- @spiritofmanufac awards, by @tiedelhi the #award is aligned with

The name Noccarc Robotics is called a SIIC IIT Kanpur firm, known to be a manufacturer of several goods in MedTech and CleanTech. It believes in the innovation done through resilience. Their team has started a mission to revolutionize the hardware products in India. From the time it is launched, it has made a lot of innovation and creation in the industries.

They have evolved into becoming the fastest growing Medical Technology company in the country, with their headquarters in the city. The startup thrives on the creativity that helps the customers get unique products from them and generate the utmost value from their stakeholders. It is a dynamic company whose only vision is to always stay ahead by introducing more and better products and technologies by challenging themselves only.

 The company consist of team members who are firm believers of just not providing a golden opportunity but also adding on a little dose of fun with their work, making it more interesting.

Noccarc Robotics was started in 2017, and they set their first manufacturing plant in 2019 and launched their NOCCARC V30 in July 2020. Thenstriving towards the best, the company achieved their 3000 plus installation base in July’s still hoping to bring in more advanced technologies and serve the people of India till the last.

Company Overview

          Legal Name  Noccarc Robotics Revenue Pvt Ltd. 
           Industries CleanTech, Medical Device & Robotics
            Founder(s) Harshit Rathore & Nikhil Kurele 
        Founded Date              2017
 Total Funding Amount        $124 Million
          Investors IAN Fund & Indian Angel Network

In the developing city of Pune, start-ups are seeing their rise and have been expanding themselves at an incredible speed. The cultural capital of Maharashtra has welcomed many startup companies with their welcoming environment and open arms, and it is stepping towards a more ecosystem that is well established and promises to bring the best kind of industrial growth as compared to the other cities.

After Hyderabad and Bengaluru, it has been growing to be called the third-fastest city in the entire region of Asia-Pacific region. be it the sectors of IT, Management, medical, Cleantech, robotics, hardware, software, cloud-based solutions, in all of the categories the city is coming in the limelight and started to be called the city their heritage of innovation making. It has transformed into the best of the country’s hub in the start-ups by the year 2020, and it is working more towards maintaining its position and bringing more things in the year 2021.

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