Top 10 AI Accelerators and Startup

AI accelerators

AI accelerators and startup incubators act as huge helping partners to establish visionary tech entrepreneurs

Over the past few years, AI startups have showcased a lot of growth with various noteworthy innovations and revolutionary artificial intelligence concepts. With the emergence of Covid-19, these startups also faced several challenges along their evolutionary journeys that have even impacted their business potential. Impact-driven investors and customers look for business potential. They assess the business from the holistic aspects in order to ensure that the business is productive, genuine, and is capable of accelerating in the market in the coming years. As for startups, these investors look for new ideas and visions for innovation. So, AI accelerators and incubators can prove to be efficient partners for these AI startups. AI startup accelerators and incubators are communities that are solely dedicated to providing the tools to develop validated business models. Emerging tech startups also manage to get funding and resources from angel investors too. In this article, let’s evaluate the top AI startup accelerators and incubators that professionals can follow in 2022. 

Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is highly experienced in applying AI to new emerging systems and operations. The company specializes in machine learning, edge computing, edge computing, and general adversarial networks. Digital Catapult is also known for bringing the best in businesses, accelerating new possibilities with digital technologies. The company works with several organizations, including startups in academia, technology,  government institutions, and research.

Y Combinator

Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups. The company’s primary goal is to enable the startups to pass through the first phase and help to get to a point where they are able to innovate something revolutionary and cutting-edge. The company guarantees itself to be a rationalist in the industry and inevitably wishes to support several AI startups and organizations in each vertical. The most important task that the company does is working with the startups on their ideas by encouraging and experimenting with them to innovate more revolutionary products.


Antler focuses on redefining future companies. The team seeks the right team that will understand early-product market fit validation and pre-seed capital because that increases the chances of a new company to make profits. Antler startups remain a part of the community of founders of the early-stage startups throughout their journey, which will help the business leaders to meet early-stage founders from all over the world and share ideas with them.

Analytics Ventures

Analytics Ventures is a venture studio fund dedicated to establishing new ventures that look forward to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. The company accompanies a team of experienced AI scientists who have built a comprehensive venture ecosystem that includes AI professionals, operations team, and their own fund. Analytics Ventures partners with corporations, researchers, and entrepreneurs to provide world-class AI expertise.

AI Seed

AI Seed offers pre and post-investment support specialty, tailored to the unique needs of emerging artificial intelligence and machine learning startups. The company provides access to the guidance offered by some of the world’s most influential AI entrepreneurs to enable more such AI leaders to gain success. The company has an excellent network and also provides training in business development.

AI2 Incubator

AI2 Incubator is an initiative of the Allen Institute for AI. The organization helps entrepreneurs create their first AI startups through leading AI research, support, and funding. Its platform brings together world-class engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to create new companies together from scratch.

Hero House

Hero House is an entrepreneurship hub that combines the specific potential of local leading universities with that of the expertise and network of business leaders in entertainment, aerospace, bioscience, and other advanced technologies. Hero House has also established its own in-house venture capital fund called SmartGateVC.

NextGrid’s mission is to accelerate the pace of innovation by investing in startups, talent, and ecosystems that are driven by artificial intelligence. To enhance AI acceleration facilities, the company has also launched the AI Slingshot program that enables steady growth and success of early-stage AI startups.


AIVL’s mission is to positively impact the world by accelerating cloud-based AI startups with the potential to transform and upend industries. With the help of one-of-a-kind acceleration, the company’s innovative industry labs help promising AI startups to boost growth and productivity. 

Nvidia Inception

Nvidia Inception is an accelerator program that focuses on cutting-edge startups, providing critical market support, expertise, and technology. Nvidia explores the potential of global startups through enhanced computing, from the concept of reality.