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Toyota is aggressively gearing up for its next launch and has been teasing the upcoming SUV quite frequently. You already know that we are talking about the Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder. Now this SUV has been made in collaboration with Maruti and hence will be seeing a launch with the Toyota and Maruti badging separately. Toyota has already teased the design partially. The brand has also teased some interior elements. Now, we have something very interesting to tell you. The Toyota and Maruti SUV will be offering something that no one in its segment has offered. This segment-first feature in the Toyota HyRyder is sure-shot going to make it standout. What is this feature and why is it so special? Everything in this article.

What is this segment-first feature on the Toyota Hyryder?

Toyota HyRyder segment-first feature

The Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder is all set to come with All-Wheel-Drive. Yes, you read that right. Maruti and Toyota have managed to incorporate an AWD system in these SUVs. Till date, no other C-segment SUV has been able to offer this. The Renault Duster was the only car to come with such technology but that was a 4X4 drivetrain. So, this has made the Toyota SUV the first one to achieve this milestone. Adding an AWD will definitely help the Toyota SUV perform better in off-road conditions when compared to the Creta.

Now, how will Toyota achieve this? We expect this to be made possible via the strong hybrid system that the SUVs are set to come with. How will the whole setup function? We will have to wait till the unveil to have a clear idea. Toyota’s recent teaser also revealed that the SUV will be coming with all disc brakes. This is an important, much-needed safety feature on such big SUVs. We have already written a detailed article on this upcoming SUV which you can read by clicking on the link below.

Will Toyota Urban Cruiser HyRyder be able to dominate the segment?

Toyota HyRyder segment-first feature

Toyota has been quick on its feet and has brought in this feature exactly when no other rival had it on offer. However, this advantage could be short-lived since prominent C-segment rivals like Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos have had AWD in their international models. Both the brand are anyhow bringing facelifts to the country in the coming time. So, adding AWD to their feature list should not prove to be a difficult task for them. If this happens, the battle of C-segment SUVs could turn out to be really interesting. Now, will Hyundai and Kia offer this technology in the coming time? Only time will tell.

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