This is India's first Tata Punch Dark Edition SUV


Tata Motors is one of the most popular car maker in the country. They have a variety of products in their line up and Tata Punch is the entry level SUV sold by the manufacturer in India. Tata Punch was launched in the market last year and it quickly became popular among buyers. It is based on HBX concept which was showcased by Tata at the Auto Expo in 2020. There are several customisation options available for Punch from the factory and dealerships. Aftermarket accessories are also available for Punch. Tata however has not launched Dark Edition for Punch and here we have a video where a regular Tata Punch is converted into a Dark Edition.

The video has been uploaded by HER GARAGE on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger brings her own Tata Punch micro SUV to a detailing shop to wrap her car. Initially when she came to the shop, her idea was to repair the damaged portions of the PPF on her car. However after visiting the shop, she changed her mind. Vlogger always wanted her car in Black but unfortunately Tata is yet to launch the Dark Edition of Punch. So she decided to get the car fully wrapped in Black to get the desired look. She did not go for gloss black but matte black which looks great on cars.

She took the car to Detailing Daddy which is a car detailing shop in Gurgaon. Before completely wrapping the car in Black, the PPF coating on the car had to be removed completely. PPF is a transparent film which is pasted on to the body panels of the car to protect the original paint from minor scratches. The workshop started the work on the car and they removed front and rear bumper. The door pads were also removed to ensure that the PPF is removed from the car properly. Once the PPF was removed, vlogger shows that the minor scratches on the body panels were absorbed by the film on top.

India’s only Tata Punch Dark Edition: This is it [Video]

Once the PPF was completely removed, the car was taken to the wash area to get a quick wash to remove all the dust particles from it. Once the water had completely dried out, the whole car is cleaned using a micro fibre cloth and then the wrapping process started. Wrapping a car requires experience and the is also a time consuming process. It took almost 2 days to wrap a Tata Punch. The vlogger had earlier painted the bumpers in White to achieve an even look. Even the bumper was completely wrapped in Black during the process.

Sheets of vinyl are placed on the body panels and measured. Once they are placed, the vinyl is pasted on to the body panel and slightly stretched to ensure that the wrap sits perfectly. Vlogger has a gloss black wrap on the roof which was not going well with the overall look of the car. Even that was removed and wrapped in matte finish. Once the work was done, vlogger was very excited to see the car and she was very satisfied with the end result.


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