This Homemade Pizza And Makeshift Oven Are Winning Hearts Over the Internet


Homemade food has come to the forefront in the last few years. And, people, with no experience, have also started to water the chef’s hat. So much so that people are moving back to their kitchen rather than relying on takeaways. If you are a pizza fan, the rising price of pizza at many outlets may be troubling you. Well, you aren’t the only one. But here’s a solution. Did you try making a makeshift pizza oven at home? If not, then here’s the inspiration that you need. A Reddit post has left the Internet in awe. 

There can be innovations in the kitchen and a price rise in Domino’s Pizza can very well trigger it. A user shared a photo from the kitchen where pizza is in the making. It looks like an ordinary kitchen with usual utensils being put to use. And, we don’t see any oven, which is usually required to make pizzas. Instead, we notice a creative assembly of utensils on the gas stove that can act like an oven to make pizza. Interesting, right? The caption read, “Domino’s shouldn’t have increased their prices.”

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In the photo, we notice two delicious pizzas. They are topped with delicious pizza sauce and loads of grated mozzarella cheese. The kitchen table top is lined with toppings like capsicum, tomatoes and onions.

The post has received immense encouragement from the users. A person wrote, “That makeshift oven …mind-blowing.”

Another said, “Bhari nuksaan kardia Dominos walo ka (This must cause such a huge loss to Domino’s).”

A few have praised the efforts that went into making these homemade pizzas. 

People also poured in their suggestions to make homemade pizzas even better. A person commented, “Don’t use normal cheese. Try pizza cheese. You can get Pizza cheese in a supermarket. Also, never ever try that cheese individually. The taste becomes good only on Pizza.”

Pizza lovers are surely going to love this makeshift pizza oven.


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