The pharmaceutical marketer aiming to push entrepreneurial skills to the ground level


Maksun Biotech Private Limited: The pharmaceutical marketer aiming to push entrepreneurial skills to the ground level

The Pharma industry is one of the most thriving industries that contribute majorly to the Indian economy. Many Indian pharmaceutical giants have proven their mettle in the global pharma sector and there are many more emerging names that have shown promising growth to become pharmaceutical leaders of tomorrow. Maksun Biotech Private Limited a pharmaceutical marketing and sales firm is one among them. Based in Ambala Cantt Haryana the firm has shown consistent growth over the last decade since it was launched in 2013. The company works on the vision of supporting entrepreneurial skills at the ground level by providing a PCD pharma franchise to the new and promising entrepreneurs.

The venture by Ruchir Kumar Arora, Dr. Himanshu Arora, and Sh. Darshan Lal Arora is an ISO-certified pharma company that they collectively started in 2013. The firm is into the marketing and sales of almost all essential medicines including cardiac, diabetic, paediatric, ophthalmic, gynaecologic, derma care, and critical care medicines. It had started with providing 69 products to the Indian pharma market and now covers a whopping 700 medicinal, cosmetic and derma care products.

Maksun Biotech Private Limited helps in developing pharmaceutical franchisees primarily in 2 pharmaceutical domains. The firm provides complete initial support to build franchises from the scratch by extending help in marketing, manufacturing business, and monopoly services. Through monopoly services, it ensures that there is only one franchisee in each district to help it gain maximum growth. The firm has helped 1000+ associates to launch and grow their business at the PAN India level, which means that 1000 new entrepreneurs have not only launched their business but also gotten consistent support for steady growth. The company has shown something from Zero customers to a highly cooperating business family group of more than 550 business partners at present.

Blair Remedies, Gynaemak, Denblue, Chinvas Dental Care, Adrif Visions, Shinom Cosmecuticals, Rehan Care, and Kenriz Care are the 9 brands marketed and sold by Maksun Biotech Private Limited. Each of these brands represents a different category of medicines or products that are made available across the country through the authorized franchisees of the firm. Maksun Biotech Private Limited also eyeing the booming health supplement market and has been selling a complete range of health supplement products that include proteins,  vitamins, pre and post-workout supplements. It also markets dermatologically skincare products like face wash, creams, gels, capsules soaps, etc.


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