The Debrief: Fashion Execs on Managing Gen-Z


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The youth-obsessed fashion and beauty industries can’t get enough of Gen-Z talent: they believe they need to recruit more entry-level employees in order to maintain relevance and attract new customers. But the cohort is entering the workforce with big expectations — not only around salary, but remote working, too — that many companies feel unprepared to meet.

“Gen-Z is entering the workforce amid a labour shortage… So that’s real leverage behind the demands they’re making,” explained Sheena Butler Young, BoF’s workplace and talent correspondent.

Key Insights:

  • Gen-Z is the latest in a long line of generations accused of impatience entering the workforce.
  • A key difference between Gen-Z and its Millennial predecessors is that the job market currently favours job-seekers rather than employers — so their demands are more likely to be met.
  • Fashion is finding demands surrounding remote work particularly hard to deal with given the collaborative nature of most jobs.
  • Brands shouldn’t get caught up in stereotypes about young talent, but find ways to actually understand job-seekers’ desires.
  • Often, the generation that hates being sold to and just wants transparency, honesty and open lines of communication about career progression.

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