Start your corporate journey with a startup!

Start your corporate journey with a startup!

Are you a student who is trying to get into an MNC? Or are you a parent who wants your children to work with corporate giants? Then stop for a minute and start reading this. It may make you rethink your approach.

It is every student’s dream to work in a good company after graduating from college. Most youngsters want to work with industry giants, but very few select small companies or startups to make their first entrance to the corporate world. What makes them think differently? Why do people choose startups for their internships? Here are just a few reasons why working for a startup makes sense.

You’ll have a completely new experience

Yes! It will be a totally new experience for you when you start your journey with a startup. You will feel a transformation within you. After 15-16 years as a student, there is a sudden transformation from a student to a professional. Rather than just reading from books, you will get real-time experience of how things work. This new experience will give you a lot of positive energy and happiness. It will develop a new thirst in you to know more and more about the new platform and technologies.

You’ll be independent

Most startups have fewer people compared to large companies. Therefore, in startups, people are more independent and do not wait for others to direct or motivate them. The self-motivated team performs tasks in a timely manner. It will help you to learn time management. Most startups work in the concept “learning through working,” which will give you a new opportunity to explore your ideas and thoughts. You can be yourself in the company, and no one will judge you. In startups, you will be given tasks that require you to form strategies at an individual level and also tasks that involve working as part of a team.

You’ll have real responsibilities

In a startup, you will learn how to plan and execute various tasks. Additionally, every task you get involved in has a bearing on the company’s future, so you are motivated to work hard and think creatively because the level of responsibility is very high. Moving your first application to production or giving a presentation to people can be scary, but working through these fears and learning to take responsibility as an intern has many benefits.

You’ll learn how companies work

In startups, you will get many jobs to do and have an actual impact on the work the company is doing. While working at a startup, you are exposed to challenges at every moment, and the performance of every single day has an impact on the real world. In many large companies, there are thousands of employees, and you will not get the chance to explore all aspects of the business. In startups, as they have small teams, they will discuss everything within the team, and this will help you understand how the company works and what others are doing.

You’ll make great contacts

As startups are teams of small numbers of people, you will get to know each other. While working in a startup, you will get chances to meet and interact with different kinds of people, and that will help you make a great contact list. Sometimes the people in your contact list can lead you to better business opportunities and guide you to become a good professional.

You’ll gain good communication skills

While working with a startup, you have to interact with different people, including other teammates and sometimes with the client too. In big companies, you will not get the chance to directly interact with the client at an entry-level. So these interactions can improve your communication skills. In the later stages of professional life, this will help you perform well.

Working for a startup may not give you the brand name recognition that your friends are looking for, but it will definitely give you real-life experience that will be hard to get from any other place. Even if the startup fails, you