Royal Enfield Interceptor with a big bore kit: ownership experience


Royal Enfield as we all know is a very popular two-wheeler brand in India and around the world. There is a large fanbase for Roya Enfield motorcycles and a wide variety of modification options are also available for the same. We have featured several modified Royal Enfield motorcycles on our website in the past. These modification options are available for their flagship model Interceptor and Continental GT 650 as well. Here we have a video where the owner of a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 shares his experience with the motorcycle after installing a 865 big bore kit in it.

The video has been uploaded by Michael Mam on their YouTube channel. In this video, the biker or the owner of the Royal Enfield Interceptor talks about the modifications that he did on the motorcycle and he also talks about the overall experience with the motorcycle after making the changes. He starts by talking about the engine. The Interceptor is powered by a 648-cc, twin cylinder engine in its stock form. The owner got a 865-cc, big bore kit installed in the motorcycle. This means, the Interceptor is no longer a 650-cc motorcycle. It now generates a lot more power and torque than a standard Interceptor.

The standard Royal Enfield Interceptor generates 47 Bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque. The Interceptor 865 now generates 70 Bhp and 79 Nm of peak torque. There is a huge jump in power and torque output after installing the big bore kit. The vlogger mentions that he did face a minor oil leak issue after installing the kit but that was later fixed by the mechanic. The exhaust pipe on this motorcycle has also been replaced with an aftermarket unit. The front forks and the rear suspensions have been replaced for better handling and comfort.

Biker shares experience with Royal Enfield Interceptor with 865 Big bore kit

The vlogger also mentions that he had to replace the stock clutch with another unit as it was not able to handle all the torque that the motorcycle was now producing. The motorcycle would look like a regular Interceptor 650 as the owner has not done any major cosmetic changes. The biker mentions that the ECU on the motorcycle has also been remapped and the top-speed of the motorcycle has also increased. The owner mentions that the bike can easily touch speeds anywhere between 200 kmph to 240 kmph which is quiet impressive for a motorcycle of this segment.

He also mentions that after the modification works, the motorcycle handles very well and the brakes also do the job pretty well. The biker is very impressed with the build and he mentions it on video that he does not regret doing it and is willing to do more modifications on the motorcycle in future. Royal Enfield is currently working on number of new models for Indian market. There are multiple 650-cc models in it. Some of them have been spotted testing several times. Other than this, the manufacturer will also be launching 350-cc roadster motorcycle which is currently known as Hunter. It could be the most affordable 350-cc motorcycle based on Royal Enfield’s J-platform.


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