Royal Enfield ‘Constellation’ motorcycle planned for India


The oldest global motorcycling brand in continuous production, Royal Enfield hailing from our beautiful country has registered the trademark for the name of ‘Royal Enfield Constellation’. The Chennai based motorcycle producer could be using this alias for one of its upcoming models in the nation.

Royal Enfield applies for ‘Constellation’ trademark In India

It is not the first time that Royal Enfield will be using this name as the company way back in the 1950s had a motorcycle with the same moniker. Also, the name ‘Constellation’ has previously been trademarked by Royal Enfield’s parent company Eicher Motors in 2005.

The Royal Enfield Constellation 700 was a model that was only available in North America. The bike was on the market from 1958 to 1963 and was dubbed the “first Superbike” of the time. The Super Meteor 700 and the Interceptor 750 were inspired by the Royal Enfield Constellation 700. The 692cc parallel-twin motor had a maximum power output of 36 horsepower and was powered by a single Amal TT Carburettor.

As of yet, there are no concrete sources that suggest on which bike this moniker will be sitting on but judging by the previous model that wore this badge, we believe it could be used for one of the upcoming 650cc bikes from the Chennai based bikemaker. Currently, there are three contenders which could bear the Constellation name – the first is a true-classic cruiser that will have a low seat, swept-back handlebars, and forward-set footpegs, while the second one is a bike with more upright ergonomics and mid-set foot pegs. The second bike mentioned here has been seen in two trim levels in the country during its testing in which the first variant had alloy wheels with an upside-down fork setup, while the second had wire-spoke wheels and a traditional fork setup.

Royal Enfield applies for ‘Constellation’ trademark In India

Pic courtesy: Burton Bike Bits

While other than Constellation, Royal Enfield in the recent few years has also trademarked names like Flying Flea, Roadster, Shotgun, Sherpa and Hunter, however, we are yet to see a model with any of these mentioned names. Another speculation is that this newly trademarked name could also be used for a number of different things that Royal Enfiled produces or could produce. The list of things that can get this name includes electric motorcycles, motorcycle saddles, mudguards, wheels and handlebar grips or any other OEM accessory or line of accessories.

In other news, Royal Enfiled is currently in the preparation of launching its newest product – the Scram 411. The new model is a road-focused version of the company’s outgoing adventure vehicle Himalayan. The RE Scram 411 will borrow design cues from its sibling ADV and will come with features like a reworked instrument console with the Tripped navigation pod, a cast metal-finished headlamp cowl, split seats, and altered side panels among the other modifications.

It will also get spoked 19-inch wheels wrapped with some dual-purpose tyres. Additionally, the Scram 411 will get the jerry can handle and tall windscreen. As for the pricing of this model, Royal Enfield has abstained from making any remarks but we assume that is likely to start from Rs 1.80 lakh. The Scram 411 is expected to make its debut in the latter part of this month.


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