ROCH Ventures to invest €20 million in Israeli travel and tourism startups


European venture capital fund ROCH Ventures has announced the launch of a €100 million fund for travel and tourism startups, of which €20 million will be invested in Israeli companies. The fund is headed by French entrepreneur Bobby Demri, founder of the GOV app and former Software Innovation Director of the Boston Consulting Group, and Ludger Kuebel-Sorger, Senior Partner Emeritus at the Boston Consulting Group.

The fund aims to invest the sum over the next four years, focusing on sustainable travel, digital nomadism and the future of business travel.

The fund is targeting around 15 placements, over seed-stage and Series A, investing up to €10 million per company.

“ROCH Ventures sees Israel as a very strategic country. Both in terms of innovation and the very high quality of its entrepreneurs,” said Demri, Managing Partner of ROCH Ventures. “Israel will be a key element of our investment strategy.”

“We are already talking to a significant number of companies in Israel and I am very impressed by all the great technologies I have seen so far. Technology wise, part of the future of the travel sector is being written in this country,” added Ludger Kuebel-Sorger, Managing Partner of ROCH Ventures.


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