Reliance Jio Is Compensating Users With Two Days of Free Service


Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio users in Mumbai had to face a network down scenario on Saturday. According to some users, the network was down for them for almost eight hours. To compensate for the same, Jio is giving users two days of free service which will be added to their number automatically. The current plan that the users have subscribed to will be extended for two more days.

Reliance Jio users who were affected by the network going down are getting a text from the company which says, “As a goodwill gesture, we are extending a 2-DAY RENTAL CREDIT that will get applied to your number automatically. The complimentary rental credit will reflect in your next bill.”

The Second Time Jio is Offering Such Benefit to Customers

Reliance Jio had offered users two extra days of services the last time the telco’s networks were down in 2021. This benefit will only be offered to the customers who were affected and not the entire user base of the telco.

What’s sad is that Reliance Jio never came out with an official statement explaining the reason why its networks went down. The company didn’t respond to the queries of TelecomTalk, and it was the same case last year.

This is the second time in two years that Jio’s networks have gone down for hours. Two days of extra service for most people would mean that they are getting a benefit of Rs 20 – Rs 40 from Jio. While against the same, they lost network connectivity for hours which is just not the same in value for what they are getting.

However, something is better than nothing. Hopefully, Jio has addressed the issue properly, and this doesn’t repeat as the telco is regarded as the largest operator in the country. Note that the company hasn’t confirmed that this benefit is being extended to every user affected.


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