Record proportion of start-ups being founded by women, 2022 Rose Review finds | Business


A record proportion of start-ups are being founded by women, according to the latest figures from a government-commissioned review.

The 2022 Rose Review has found that the growth of new female-led businesses is outstripping that of male-led companies for the first time.

More than 140,000 companies were established by all-women teams last year and the figure is growing by a third each year, with particularly strong growth in female-led start-ups among those aged 16 to 25.

Alison Rose, chief executive of NatWest, was commissioned to lead a review of female entrepreneurship in 2019. She found that only about one in six of small businesses in Britain were started by women in 2018 and that the closure of this “gender gap” would produce another 1.1 million


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