Owner satisfied with the build quality


People of India have recently become conscious about the build quality of their vehicles. All this happened when Tata Nexon became the first car to score 5 stars on the Global NCAP crash test. So, Mahindra and Tata are known to produce well-built products. They have even proven themselves in many accidents about which there are videos on the internet. The German manufacturers are also known for their solid build quality. So, when Volkswagen announced that they will be making a new mid-size SUV for India, some people were a bit sceptical that the build quality will go down. Here we have a video in which a Taigun owner gives his perspective of the build quality after getting involved in an accident.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Nabeel Nawab Vlogs on his YouTube channel. The vlogger shot the video after getting the Taigun back from the workshop. He took the delivery of the Taigun last year and the SUV was involved in an accident on the day he took the delivery.

The vlogger says that after doing the paperwork and other formalities. His father took the Taigun out of the dealership and went towards the home whereas the vlogger went to do some work. He took the delivery of the Taigun during the festive season because of which there was a lot of traffic on the road. Vlogger’s father was in the rightmost lane of the road and was stuck in traffic. A truck driver tried to squeeze in through the left lane and hit the left front door of the SUV. The mother of the vlogger was sitting as a front passenger when the accident happened.

Brand new Volkswagen Taigun gets involved in a crash: Owner Satisfied With The Build Quality

A piece of metal was coming out of the truck which hit the front door of the Taigun and pierced through the metal sheet of the door. Volkswagen offers ross metal structures inside the door that provides additional strength and protection in case of an accident. We can see the structure in the video clearly. Because of the metal structure, the metal rod was not able to get inside the cabin and hit her mother.

The video has a clip in which we can see the damaged door. There is no penetration inside so the cabin was safe. The cross metal structure did its job really well in protecting the occupants and not letting the metal rod get inside the cabin.

The damage is clearly only on the outside of the vehicle. The door panel is also intact. There were no signs of damage inside the cabin. Overall, he is very happy with the build quality of the Taigun. He suggests everyone that should research properly about the safety aspects of the vehicle before buying a new one.

The vlogger got the door repaired under insurance. He might be satisfied with the build quality but he does complain that the paint job on the SUV could have been better because he has spotted some paint particles on the outside rearview mirror of the vehicle.


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