Ola S1 Pro electric scooter now supports on-board navigation


Ola Electric recently launched the Move OS 2.0 for their S1 Pro electric scooter. The new software update enabled some features that were disabled earlier.  It also added some new features. One such feature is the onboard maps. These maps are powered by MapmyIndia. The video below is shared by an owner of Ola S1 Pro.


The video was shared on Twitter by user Kartik Dadwe. He wrote, “Hey @_rohanverma sir , some more glimpse of @MapmyIndia. No lag ,highspeed searching , purely unbeatable🔥🔥👍 (suggestion:- some specific /important location of nearby places need to be added )”

In the video, we can see that the touchscreen of the scooter is very responsive to inputs. The overall user interface is very smooth and the owner also searches for a location. He also zooms in and out and there are no immediate lags that can be seen in the video. The owner also uses the new on-board navigation.

The tweet was retweeted and quoted by Rohan Verma who is the CEO of MapmyIndia. He wrote “Kudos to the @OlaElectric team of @bhash 4 a really gr8 job integrating @MapmyIndia. Incredible to c the hard work, long hours n passion of both the Ola & MapmyIndia teams working together on this 4 a year. Love for users!”

Kartik does mention that there are some nearby places that are still missing from MapmyIndia. Rohan also cleared that they are constantly working on improving the maps. Moreover, the users can also report bugs and help in adding more places using Mappls website.

There were media reports that Ola would replace the MapmyIndia maps with their own maps that will also come on their future vehicles. But for now, Mapmyindia will be doing duty and it seems like they are performing well.

With the Move OS 2.0, the S1 Pro got features like Eco mode, music playback, navigation, smartphone connectivity, keyless lock/unlock using the mobile application and much more. Cruise control is still not available on the scooter.

Ola S1 Pro electric scooter now supports on-board navigation powered by MapMyIndia

People who have received the Move OS 2.0 update have reported that their riding range increased because of the new Eco mode. Some owners have crossed 200 km on a single charge whereas the claimed range of the scooter is 181 km and the true range is 135 km.

Ola upgrading VCU of scooters

Ola Electric is also working on upgrading the VCU or Vehicle Control Units of the scooters.  The scooter would face issues such as the screen would black-out, getting stuck and get non-responsive etc. After many users reported this issue, the company finally addressed it by replacing the VCUs.

The new scooters manufactured after March 2022 come with the new and upgraded VCU. The company is also upgrading the VCUs of the current scooters. The new VCUs have more RAM and storage. So, it would be able to handle more processes before it gets overheated. Moreover, more storage means that there would be more space for future software upgrades.


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