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Luxury items being sold for whopping amounts is nothing new. However, have you ever imagined that a humble plastic bucket that is found in every household would be sold for a whopping 25,999 on Amazon that too after a discount of 28 per cent. This baffling listing is going viral on social media as netizens are left scratching their heads over the price of the bucket.

A Twitter user named Vivek Raju posted a tweet that contained a picture of the bucket and wrote, “Just found this on Amazon and I don’t know what to do.” He even shared a link of the item that is available on Amazon and surprisingly it is sold out. Since being shared on May 23, the tweet has got more than 1,400 likes.

See the tweet below:

A screengrab from Amazon website selling a set of plastic buckets for ₹25,999. 
A screengrab from Amazon website selling a set of plastic buckets for ₹25,999. 

Netizens had a field day as they made jokes on the exorbitant price of the bucket as one Twitter user commented that at this cost, the bucket should be turning water into wine.

“On Amazon, you have to purchase a product to review it. So did that 1-star review guy actually buy this bucket only to be able to write a sarcastic review on it?” wrote a Twitter user. “Buy it. It’s a status thing. You’ll be the only person who has a bucket that costs 25k. It’s a piece of rare art. It’s Web 0 redefined. Then sell it for $3 million,” another user joked. “At that cost this bucket better be turning water into wine,” reads another hilarious comment. Another individual tweeted, “Good thing is, there’s an EMI option!!”

When searching for a plastic bucket on Amazon, we found many listings with a similar price. Like this seller who was selling a set of five plastic buckets for 25,999.

What do you think about this bucket being sold for such an exorbitant price?

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