Maruti Suzuki Logo Shows Up In Toyota Glanza Touchscreen


Toyota has made sure to not show a Maruti Suzuki logo in their rebadged cars – Until now

Maruti Suzuki Logo In Toyota Glanza Touchscreen
Maruti Suzuki Logo In Toyota Glanza Touchscreen

Imagine you are in the market for a premium hatchback with decent space on the inside with reasonable features and creature comforts and low running costs. It has to also have decent performance on tap with a peppy engine.

Maintenance costs should be low too and if you don’t care about the 0-star crash safety rating, you have probably zeroed in on a Maruti Suzuki Baleno. It is a good choice that meets all your requirements. For those who don’t want to be associated with a Maruti Suzuki, their gaze falls on Toyota’s Glanza which is a rebranded Baleno.

For a nominal price of around Rs. 4000 to 5000 more, you get the same car you have zeroed in, but with a Toyota badge that you can flex and also get an additional warranty. Your eyes glow in awe and you bring a Glanza home just for it to show a Suzuki logo on the infotainment screen. How would you feel? I paint quite a picture, don’t I?

Toyota Glanza Touchscreen Bug

Something similar happened to a Team-BHP member recently and he took to the forums to share it with the community. It is not like a conspiracy theory that spans like, ‘Maruti Suzuki is claiming their cars from Toyota’ or something like that.

Maruti Suzuki Logo In Toyota Glanza Touchscreen
Maruti Suzuki Logo In Toyota Glanza Touchscreen

We have seen worse conspiracy theories too. One of them goes on the internet like, all Tesla cars will one day return back to Elon Musk and that’s why he installs self-drive hardware in every Tesla car. These theories are just for fun and are meant to amuse people rather than being true.

The car in question is the previous generation Toyota Glanza and not the new one. According to the user, the infotainment system crashed one day and had a reboot. And some days later, his daughter pointed out this strange anomaly where a wild Suzuki logo has taken over the Toyota logo that used to pop up before. The user also claims that there has not been a reinstall of the software. To prove the same, he has also shared images of old vehicle data that would have been erased in case of a software reinstall.

Why did This Happen?

This has probably happened due to a glitch in the software that runs the system. Maruti Suzuki has no hand in this. It is a weird bug that may have affected a few units of Glanza. Maruti Suzuki and Toyota had come into an agreement where Maruti Suzuki had agreed to rebadge the Brezza and Baleno for Toyota. This process happens at Maruti Suzuki’s end. It is very less likely that a bug like this is going to occur again. Nonetheless, it gave us a hilarious moment and we shared it with you.

Toyota has recently launched its C-segment SUV HyRyder. Toyota is also manufacturing Maruti Suzuki’s counterpart of HyrYder named Vitara. It would be even more hilarious if the saga continues and the Vitara screen shows a Toyota logo.



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