Maruti Suzuki is working on revamping its line-up. There are several new launches and facelifts that will be launching this year. One such facelift is of Ertiga’s. Now, the Ertiga Facelift has been caught on video. The MPV is expected to launch in March.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by MRD Cars. In the video, we can clearly see the new test mule. The changes are minimal, the only thing that is camouflaged is the front grille. There are no changes to the front and rear bumpers, headlamps and tail lamps and even the alloy wheels are the same.

There could be some updates to the interior. There could be a new design for the upholstery and some new elements for the dashboard. The interior of the Ertiga Facelift has not yet been spied so nothing is confirmed as of yet.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Facelift caught on video ahead of launch

There would be no changes to the engine. It would continue to be a 1.5-litre, K-Series, four-cylinder, naturally aspirated petrol engine. It produces 105 PS of max power and 138 Nm of peak torque. As standard, it would still come with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The major changes will be to the transmission. Currently, Maruti Suzuki uses a four-speed torque converter automatic gearbox which is expected to be replaced with a new 6-speed torque converter unit.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Facelift caught on video ahead of launch

The four-speed torque converter gearbox is quite old. It first made its appearance in 2003 on the Grand Vitara XL7 that came with a V6 petrol engine. The transmission does not come with a sports mode and manual shifting. Moreover, it misses out on number of gears when compared to the current cars.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Facelift caught on video ahead of launch

Most manufacturers are now using a 6-speed or even a 7-speed unit in India. There has also been new types of gearboxes like the dual-clutch units and CVTs. Maruti Suzuki must have opted for the torque converter unit because it might be the oldest type of automatic gearbox but it is also the most reliable. Moreover, Maruti Suzuki is known for its reliability and low cost of maintenance.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Facelift caught on video ahead of launch

The new 6-speed unit will be faster when it comes to up-shifts as well as down-shifts. Moreover, because it has more number of gears, it would be able to improve fuel efficiency because the engine would be running at a lower rpm at high speeds. It would also come with manual mode.

Other models will also get the new gearbox

Marutii Suzuki will also use the new 6-speed torque converter unit in the XL6 facelift and the new-generation Brezza. The XL6 Facelift will also launch this year. There are rumours that it would be offered as a 7-seater also this time. The changes are not yet known but we expect it would have a slightly updated design, a new grille and a new set of alloy wheels.

The 2022 Brezza is expected to launch in April. The design have been heavily updated. It now looks sleeker and much more modern when compared to the current generation of the Brezza. Maruti Suzuki would also offer paddle shifters with the new-gen Brezza.


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