Internet Users Shocked After Seeing Bucket On Amazon For Rs. 25,999


A photo of a bucket being sold on Amazon has gone viral on the internet. The reason it has left most internet users shocked is because of the product’s exorbitant price tag.

The item which is titled “Plastic Bucket for Home and Bathroom Set of 1” is being sold on the e-commerce website Amazon for a whopping Rs. 25,999. What makes this even stranger, is the fact that this is after a 28 per cent discount with the original price being 35,900.

The photo was posted on Twitter by  by @vivekraju93 who wrote, “Just found this on Amazon and I don’t know what to do.”

While this does seem like a glitch, Amazon has tweeted a response from its Amazon Help account writing, “Our apologies for the inconvenience, we’d like to take a closer look at this. Could you please share the link to the item you are referring to? –Mustafa.”

Other users were more shocked with user @shubhi1011 sharing a picture and writing “The baffling part only 1 left in stock!”

Another user @_aspiringcat gave an even better insight writing “Letting my imagination run wild, this a good way to send illegal stuff. What if it’s a coded item where the product image and are of the bucket but you also get other things in the bucket”

Another product similar to this that is also being listed on the e-commerce websites platform, is that of 2 bathroom mugs priced collectively at Rs. 9,914. These mugs original price is a whopping Rs. 22,080 which only after a discount of 55 per cent reaches the amount displayed.


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