Instagram Down: Users face issues while sending messages on Instagram and Facebook Messenger


Instagram down: Users across regions are reporting issues with sending and receiving messages on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Messages have been disappearing right after being sent.

Instagram down: According to various reports by users on different social media platforms, Instagram messages as well as Facebook Messenger is experiencing a strange issue where messages disappear for users as soon as they are sent. The trouble with the inbox has been going on for more than 12 hours and has still not been resolved at the time of writing this. The issue was also recorded by DownDetector, an independent outage monitor, which noticed huge spikes for Instagram since last night. The issue appears to be across regions and has troubled users all over the world. DownDetector has also registered similar issues with Facebook Messenger.

According to DownDetector, the first spike in registered complaints began right after 8 PM on July 5 and the reports peaked at around 11 PM when more than 1200 people reported facing issues with Instagram. While the situation seemed to be improving by 5 AM of July 6, the reports have again been mounting suggesting that it has still not been fixed.

Instagram messages, Facebook Messenger face issues

This is a partial outage, which means apart from the inbox, the rest of the platform is working as expected and no issues have been reported in accessing the app or browsing through the feed. Ever since the glitches showed up, #Instagramdown began trending on Twitter. Users have flooded the microblogging platform with complaints as well as funny memes to react to the situation.

One Twitter user posted saying, “Anyone still having that same@problem with Instagram when messages are loading to be sent and refreshing dms to see the messages? I swear it’s not only me with this problem #instagramdown”.

At the moment, it is unknown what has caused the issue and how long it might take for a permanent fix to the solution. Instagram has been suffering with outages recently. On May 25, it suffered a major disruption when users were unable to log in to the platform, refresh feed or send direct messages. The issue lasted more than 3 hours before being fixed.


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