Hero Splendor Electric Bike Conversion Kit


The Hero Splendor is one of the best-selling bikes of all time, and now it gets an electric conversion kit, courtesy of Navi Mumbai-based company GoGoA1. The conversion kit is approved by the RTO and is priced at Rs 44,486, which includes all the parts except for the battery.

The electric conversion kit includes a hub motor, regenerative controller, throttle, drum brake, battery SOC, wiring harness, universal switch, controller box, swing arm, DC to DC converter and an anti-theft device.
The 2000W Brushless motor produces 63Nm and has a claimed max efficiency of 92 percent. The converted bike can reach a claimed top speed of up to 75-80kmph.

The 72V 40Ah lithium-ion battery pack costs Rs 55,606, including the 72V 10 amp charger. If you feel that the overall price gets too expensive, then GoGoA1 also offers batteries on rent with the battery swapping system.
The battery pack on the converted bike offers a claimed range of around 120km, which is pretty decent, and also features regenerative braking.

Converting an ICE Hero Splendor into an electric bike does sound like an attractive idea, especially if the performance figures are this good. However, the total cost of converting the bike goes upto Rs 1 lakh, which does not include the donor bike and is a little high considering that a lot of new electric two-wheelers in the industry are available at the same price. However, this will drastically reduce the running cost of the bike in the long run.

GoGoA1 also has universal hub motor kits for motorcycles with 17-inch wheels, along with scooter conversion kits, to convert your ICE two-wheelers into electric ones.


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