Harsh Goenka Shares List Of “Biggest Career Mistakes”, Twitter Responds


Harsh Goenka Shares List Of 'Biggest Career Mistakes', Twitter Responds

Harsh Goenka listed 8 biggest career mistakes in his tweet.

Everybody likes to move ahead in their careers. It can be a person who has just joined an organisation or someone who has been working for a long time. And getting right career advice is one of the most rewarding experiences. Industrialist Harsh Goenka has done just that, tweeting about mistakes people make which can hamper their progress. There are eight such points suggested by Mr Goenka, chairman of the RPG group, which is being appreciated by the users on Twitter and other social media platforms.

According to Mr Goenka, “thinking you know everything” and “not networking” are two of the biggest mistakes a person can make.

He also urged people come prepared for meetings. “Arriving late for meetings, being satisfied doing the minimum, not reading up on your domain, not asking for help when you need it and not having a mentor” are the other career mistakes listed by Mr Goenka.

His tweet, posted on Wednesday morning, received more than 3,000 likes and 612 retweets. Some users added to the suggestions given by Mr Goenka.

“Underestimating yourself” and “falling in love with titles” are the inputs added to Mr Goenka’s list by Twitter users.

However, some users did not agree with Mr Goenka’s suggestions.

“I don’t see why 5 is an issue. Why take on unnecessary stress and misery to pursue a promotion. Why not choose peace of mind and your own well-being over a promo. Even 8 – I’ve never been able to find a good mentor or create a relationship that works. Finally gave up,” said a Twitter user who uses the handle Jaam Aadmi.

“8.0 – You never pick a mentor. A mentor picks you & then you agree on certain goals & objectives. Doesn’t work the other way. It’s a 2 way process but very much top down,” said another user.

Mr Goenka had recently shared a throwback picture of two brothers – with no other clues except for a cryptic “M&A” at the end. The guessing game received thousands of likes from Twitter user, who recognized the two boys as Mukesh and Anil Ambani.


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