Ford’s Rock-Crawling Bronco; Jobs Return After Mass Layoffs; Drones Banned | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 52


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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Amazon Drone Engineer Told to Work More Despite Burnout

Patrick McGah is a former Amazon drone engineer. When he told his manager that he was burnt out, his manager told him to “try to get more hours out of the day.”

Documentary Looks at the Man Behind the Modern Bulletproof Vest

In 1969, Richard Davis was a bankrupt pizzeria owner living in Michigan when he got the idea for a bulletproof vest.

UAE Bans Flying of Recreational Drones After Fatal Attack

The United Arab Emirates has banned drones. The move comes after a fatal drone attack on an oil facility and major airport in the country.

Ford’s New Desert-Racing, Rock-Crawling Bronco

Ford recently introduced the Bronco Raptor, a new SUV based on desert racing trucks and part of the Built Wild brand. 

Semiconductor Factory Jobs Restored After Mass Layoffs

In late 2019, Microchip Technology slashed its workforce in Colorado. The company cut some 300 jobs at a Colorado Springs factory as part of a broader restructuring strategy, but there has been a change of plans.

In Case You Missed It:

Unilever Cuts 1,500 Management Jobs

Senior management jobs will be cut by 15% while junior management roles will be reduced by 5%.

Security Breach: JohnE Upgrade

Johnny Young, aka JohnE Upgrade is a 35-year vet of the IT wars. He has seen it all, from facing 500 years in prison to currently offering cybersecurity advice to the good guys.

Flying Car Becomes Airworthy

The AirCar is built by KleinVision, a company based in Slovakia. With more than 70 hours of test flights as well as more than 200 takeoffs and landings, it was recently certified as airworthy by the local civil aviation authority. 

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