Extensively modified Toyota Hilux pick-up truck on video


There was a lot of excitement among people when Toyota announced that they bringing the Hilux pick-up truck to India. However, they were a bit disappointed at it is pricing but that did not stop people from buying the new pick-up truck.  Many people bought and modified it instantly. Here, we have a couple of Hilux pick-up trucks on video which have been extensively modified.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by ASHWIN SINGH TAKIAR. In the video, we can see two Hiluxs that are modified. One belongs to Taran Bimbra who is the owner of Bimbra 4×4. The second one belongs to Taran’s friend. Most of the equipment that has been installed on the Hilux is from Hamer.

Both the Hiluxs’ have off-road spec bumpers from Hamer. While the bumpers look the same there is a small difference and that is that the bumper sits flush with the bodywork whereas, on the second Hilux, the bumper protrudes slightly outwards. This has been done so that the bumper fits with fender extensions which have not yet been installed on the pick-up truck.

India’s first ‘Lifted’ Toyota Hilux pick-up truck on video

Taran’s Hilux is also equipped with a lift kit and a Profender suspension. So, it is higher off the ground when compared to the other Hilux by 2-inches. The grille is also blacked out and with the different bumper, both the pick-up trucks look quite imposing. The outside rearview mirrors are blacked-out and rock sliders from Hamer have been installed. You can also use the rock sliders as a side step.

One of the Hilux is still running on stock alloy wheels. The owner has not changed the alloy wheels because he wants to upgrade the suspension after which he will be changing the wheels. At the rear, the bumper has been changed. It is from Hamer and also has a light in it. The tonneau cover is fully automatic and it can be opened and closed via a different key fob. Roll bars from Hamer have also been installed that will protect the occupants in case of a roll over.

Then the host shows Taran’s Hilux. It gets shackles and red tow points in the front. There are different wheels by Fuel that measure 18-inches. The tyres are of 285 section and are from BFGoodrich all-terrain tyres. It also gets a tow hook at the rear. A storage box has been placed in the bed which can store your stuff in case you do not want to cover the bed with a tonneau cover. This pick-up truck also has roll bars from Hamer but they have a different design. Other things include a spoiler, third-brake light, additional lights and a place for auxiliary lights.

The host also drives the Hilux that is lifted. He says at first that it drives like a Fortuner. The owner then points out that the weight of the steering wheel has increased because of the larger tyres. The turning radius has not been compromised much.


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