Execs Flee Startup; DeLorean’s Comeback; Glass Factory Closes | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 55


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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

DeLorean Plots Electric Comeback

The DeLorean is back. The company plans to debut an electric DeLorean this year with a new headquarters, and 400 employees, to open in San Antonio, Texas.

The Worst Truck Bottleneck in America

On Feb. 9, the American Transportation Research Institute released its annual list of America’s 100 most congested bottlenecks for trucks.

Rescue Ongoing after Cargo Ship Catches Fire in Mid-Atlantic

On Wednesday, 22 crew members were evacuated from the Felicity Ace, a large cargo ship that caught fire in the mid-Atlantic.

243 Workers Reportedly Terminated Because Plant’s Furnaces ‘Worn Out’

The PGP Glass USA glass factory in Park Hills, Missouri is closing up shop and 243 workers will be out of work next month. The plant’s furnaces are “worn out” and the company won’t pay to fix or replace them.

Execs Flee EV Startup

Canoo is hemorrhaging talent, citing several “key executives” who have fled the company in recent weeks.

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Engineer Guilty of Selling Secrets in Peanut Butter Sandwich

On Monday, Jonathan Toebbe, a 43-year-old Navy nuclear engineer pleaded guilty to espionage-related crimes.

U.S. Approves New Headlights that Won’t Blind Oncoming Drivers

The new rule is supported by the auto industry and comes as safety agencies grapple with a dramatic rise in traffic deaths.

Will Alarms Still Work After 3G Shutdown?

The network that ushered in the smartphone era is being phased out — but many products still rely on it.

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